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I just went today and filled out the new hire paperwork for my new job. My start date is Jan 11th. I can't wait to get started on this project and get a better feel for what I'll be doing. I have a feeling it will involve alot of time in the library reading articles and looking for data about colorectal cancer screening.

Meanwhile, this semester is rapidly winding down. Last biostats homework is due tomorrow and I still need to pick a topic for my pathophysiology paper. This week has been fairly straightforward so far, but I need to get a few things wrapped up for tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a meet-and-greet thingy with Dean Finnegan and had a really great discussion about the state of our school and what was on peoples minds. I would say it was fairly well attended by students. We talked about issues such as financial support for people doing their masters projects, support for international students, both social and financial, the availability of graduate assistant positions, and on what sorts of classes are being offered and what some people would like to see offered. Dean Finnegan seems to really know what's happening in the school and is working very hard to make the school even better than it already is.

Jooyeon and I tried to go to bodyworlds this weekend, but we could only get tickets for a 3am or 4am admission and we didn't really want to be out riding the bus in the middle of the night, so we decided not to go. Instead we went to the Mall of America to go shop for coats. Oh my goodness, SO many people. It was quite the madhouse! When we got there though one of the activities that was happening was auditions for Dave Letterman's stupid pet tricks. There wrere some really funny pets! This one very small dog went absolutely crazy every time someone was using windex. ok.. I gues it's a little hard to explain, but believe me, it was funny.