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January 19, 2007

Nice Restaurant

I'm trying to come up with a nice/fun/tasty place to take Adam for dinner while he's in town at the end of January. Does anyone have any ideas about a really yummy restaurant in the twin cities area? We don't have a car, so we would be taking the bus or a taxi to and from dinner. I have a pretty good idea about chain restaurants, but I'd love to hear some suggestions from people who have tried out some of the local restaurants. All types of food are welcome, and most price ranges are fine.


Christmas Break

okay, I said would post pictures from Christmas break, so here they are! Now that classes have started again I'll have some more school related stuff to talk about. I think I'll do my next entry on the classes I'm taking this semester (though honestly they haven't even all met yet for the first time!) :-) and I'm also going to post some stuff about how I decided on U of M for graduate school.

We got a really good family photo while I was home in Spokane for Christmas. My mom is a gardener for the city of Spokane. One of the things she worked on this year was the decoration of the conservatory with Christmas lights. Every year they string every single plant in the conservatory with lights. They have even come up with ways to light the really flimsy plants. So while we were there someone took a picture of us on the bridge over the little pond in the greenhouse. It is such a nice picture!

Family Photo
Christmas2006 030 Medium Web view.jpg

My big project over vacation was making this decoupage decorated box for Adam for Christmas. I took pictures from the past 3 years and effectively made a giant collage on a box, but it looked really cool when it was done!

Box for Adam
Christmas2006 085 Medium Web view.jpg

Our neighbor in Spokane was in a really horrible car accident about a year ago. She has two cats, so my mom has been taking care of them while our neighbor has been living at a rehabilitation place. One of the cats has decided that she really likes to be inside and be getting into EVERYTHING! here is a picture of her getting into the Christmas tree, which she found soooo fascinating.
Christmas Tree Cat
Christmas2006 087 Medium Web view.jpg

While we were in Seattle we went out for one of my favorite foods- conveyor belt sushi! We had a dinner date with our friends Christie and Nick. You can see the cool conveyor belt full of yummy sushi in the background.

Christie and Adam at the sushi place
Christmas2006 098 Medium Web view.jpg

Well, the highlight of Christmas break was getting to spend 2 weeks in Seattle with Adam. I know I've said it a million times, but it's true. Below is cute picture that I took while I was in Seattle. Adam is going to come to Minneapolis to visit at the end of January. I'm hoping that we will be able to go to the St. Paul Winter Carnival to see the ice carving and other such things.

Cute Pic of Annie and Adam
Adam and Annie Christmas 2006 Medium Web view.jpg

January 11, 2007

Back to School

This week I've been taking the 1 credit SAS class called Data Processing with PC-SAS. The class is only a week long, but I think it has been extremely helpful in terms of getting comfortable trying things within SAS and feeling more comfortable with manipulating datasets. The class is taught by Michael Oakes and I think he does a really great job of explaining concepts in a way that I at least have a very easy time understanding. There are probably about 30 people (I think) in the class, but I think everyone feels very comfortable asking questions. The class is structured such that you spend 2 hours in lecture in the morning (9-11) and two hours in lab after lunch. The lab section is really nice because it has !3! TA’s which makes getting individual help very easy.

I was a little hesitant to take this class because I didn’t want to come home a week early from winter break, but I think it has been a nice transition for me from vacation back to school.

I had SO much fun over the break. After spending a week at my mom’s house for Christmas, I went and spent two weeks at Adam’s house with him and his family. On New Years we went up to Seattle to spend the evening with a bunch of friends from college. It was so great to see everyone.

When the weather first started turning cold here in Minneapolis, I noticed that many people had a pea coat for their warmer winter jacket. I’ve always kind of wanted a pea coat so I asked for one for Christmas. Adam got me one and I’ve been enjoying it’s wolly warmness a lot this week ?

Keep your eyes out for upcoming pictures from Winter Break!