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Trip to California and Stormy Weather

School is definitely going to be busy these next two weeks before spring break. As I'm sure most students do right before spring break, I've got lots of assignments and tests and meetings. I'll do a more complete class posting sometime this week, but for now I think posting pictures from my trip to California would be more fun!

The Wedding Party
Wedding Party mod.jpg

The fun wedding party picture!
wedding party Fun Shot mod.jpg

Natalia and I getting ready to head off to the wedding location doing makeup and such...

The awesome weather and the Santa Barbara beach (actually it's the Carpinteria beach, but close enough)

Did the storm on Friday night wake anyone else up periodically throughout the night?
I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, but the wind woke me up about 3 or 4 times during the night. The wind kept shaking my windows and blowing the icy rain sleet stuff at them. Very noisy little storm. Saturday morning it was really quiet when I woke up, so I figured the snow must have started, and indeed it had! I love severe weather!

Friday night I was planning on hosting a potluck at my house with a few other students from the school of public health. But at the last minute everyone decided the weather was going to be too severe to be out driving around in it, so it ended up being just me and Jooyeon. We still had fun though! Jooyeon made a Korean spicy vegetable dish ( I can't remember what it's called) and I made crab puffs, a vegetable soup in the crock pot, and margaritas.