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Done with finals!

Well, I'm done with finals! Hooray!

I think they went quite well overall, though I haven't seen grades for the two big classes yet (epi and biostats). I thought the tests overall were quite fair, there were a few tricky parts, but nothing that was unreasonably tricky.

This past weekend has been FULL of commencement parties! It was a really fun weekend. Friday I went to a BBQ at Thuy's house and there was a ton of Karaoke (I'm more into the watching than the singing). Then on Saturday we had a party at the Radisson. It was very fun, there was great food, a photo booth and frame-making table, and a band, and a locked treasure chest with two round trip airfare tickets in it (or rather a certificate saying that's what the prize would be). It was an action-packed prize giveaway-- Each student at the party was given a raffle ticket which they then turned in for a key. The key was for the lock on the treasure chest, and whichever key opend the lock won the tickets! The absolutely freakishly awesome thing that happened though is that it was the absolute LAST key tried that opened the chest. Made those who planned the treasure chest even a tad bit nervous when none of the keys had opened the chest so far. Good times. Then yesterday we had a picnic at como park. It was very relaxed, people just sat around or played lawn games, and enjoyed each others company and the nice weather. Overall, really great last weekend.

This afternoon is SPH commencement. I'm really excited that Laurie Garrett is the speaker; she is one of my favorite authors so I really look forward to hearing what she has to say. Her favorite book of mine is "Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health" It's pretty gigantic, but tells a good story.

This week I'll be working quite a bit at my job to get a bunch of work done before I'm gone for 3 weeks to Seattle/Spokane, so I better get started!


This isn't really a comment on your blog, as it was written a while ago...this is more about ME!
Are you going to be in the spokane area on the 16th of June? If so, come to my graduation party! Call me!!