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Nearing the end

Well classes are all finished up for the semester. Next week I have 2 in-class exams, 1 take home exam to turn in, and 2 homework assignments to finish up. I also need to get my field experience paperwork in place before the 15th.

As far as my field experience goes, I'm pretty excited about it. It looks like I'll be working at MDH this summer in the cancer control section developing a questionnaire for the SAGE program. SAGE is the breast and cervical cancer screening program for women who are either under insured or uninsured. I really like the woman who manages this part of the cancer control division. We are going to meet again next week at MDH to go over some logistics and come up with a plan of what my project this summer will look like. I have learned over the past few years that I really enjoy survey design. It gives me great pleasure to put together a form that looks good and makes it easy for a study subject to fill it out.

So the most exciting part of my week was the present I got from my fantastic other-mother (boyfriends mom Laura)
We had been talking for a long time about sewing machines. She had her older sewing machine that we were thinking of getting refurbished for me to use and also she had an elementary model of a sewing machine she was going to send to me to use here in MN. So I was expecting that to come in the mail at some point.. but instead I got a brand new Singer in the mail!!!! It's SO cool. It has 30 different stitches it knows how to do just with the touch of a button. So today Stacy took me to the fabric store and I got a rotary cutter, a mat, pins a small iron and thread. I already have quite a bit of fabric- though I meant to get some practice fabric, but I forgot. So I need to do some laundry to wash the fabric I have designated for some projects and get started sewing! :-) so excited :-)