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Analysis: O.C., California shooting

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The Los Angeles Times followed the O.C. shooting with many follow-up stories providing more information about the event and about Ali Syed, the shooter.
In a story published Tuesday (link here) the story leads with general information beginning with the police looking for Syed and then describing the event.
One of the following stories that published was published Wednesday (link here) goes into information about Syed. The lead assumes that the reader has prior information and begins by calling Syed by name and describing him as a video gamer. The structure was a bit confusing because even though the lead was very guided, the information provided after was the general events of the shootings. A paragraph later in the article gives a short brief about how Syed was a video gamer. The content provided doesn't really deserve the specific lead and headline "O.C. killer an obsessive video gamer.
The Tuesday article is much more oriented and provides the specific events of the shooting. After some information a links are provided for people who are not up to speed with the change of amount of information about the story.
The Wednesday story hardly advances the story and is only there to bait the reader by teasing that they found more information about Syed. The Wednesday story gives people who do not know about the shooting an overview and those who already read the Tuesday story a tiny bit of information about Syed.

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