Analysis: Pope Benedict to resign

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In CNN's article, "Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns," the author uses a "martini-glass" structure to report the story of Pope Benedicts coming resignation.
The article begins with a strong lead stating that the pope is the leader of "1.2 billion Roman Catholics" (link here) and that he announced his resignation because of his old age.
The article continues with fact blocks containing information about his age, the Catholic world's response, replacement and how the new pope is elected, respectively.
After those fact blocks the article goes straight to the stem of the "martini-glass" structure. The information after pertains to the given subheads, "Benedict's legacy," "Praised criticized for actions regarding sex abuse," and "World, Catholic leaders express surprise, admiration." After the most important news was already covered, the reporter gave some more broad information not about his resignation but instead about his life.
Like a pyramid structure, any of the information after the breaking news of the pope's resignation could be cut and the reader would not miss any current events.
This reflects the importance of putting the most important information at the beginning so it is the first thing that the reader sees.

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