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Analysis: Teen pleads guilty to shooting death of 5-year-old

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In the Pioneer Press's article, "Minneapolis teen pleads guilty in shooting death of 5-year-old," the author does not use a straightforward hard-news lead but instead chooses to hook the reader by shocking the reader with a teen going to prison.
The author provides who, what, and when in a detailed format and excludes where and how for later. By providing detailed information the author was trying to hook the reader by providing enough information to keep reading. The author writes, "Unwilling to gamble on spending the rest of his life in prison..." (link here). The author captures the reader's attention by using the word "gamble" and the mention of prison. The author goes on to mention it is a teen which makes it all the more interesting. The author writes at the end of his lead that there was a "hail of bullets" (link here) as the 5-year-old slept. The author could have presented the information by stating that the boy was hit by a oncoming bullet as he slept. Again, this is to create a more captivating story to keep reader's interest.
Although the author is specific with his choice of words, the information provided is general. The age of the teen is omitted from the lead as well as which gang he is from. Where he admitted to his role and where the shooting took place is also absent. Both names are excluded from the lead. The author excluded this information because it would make the lead too dense and could be provided later in the article. By being vague the author also compels the reader to keep reading.

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