Analysis: Water line break floods downtown St. Paul streets

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In The Associated Press's article, "Water line break floods downtown St. Paul streets," the author names two sources which are also named. One source immediately follows the other. A short paraphrase from Rick Larkin is followed by information attributed to Rick Larkin. The rest of the quotes are from Larkin. When the sources are first introduced the reporter begins the paragraph with their name, position and then what they said. After the first introduction to the source the reporter goes attributes in the middle of quotes and at the end of quotes. It would be more effective to attribute at the end of the paraphrase or quote so the reader's first glance isn't a name or position but a piece of information. The attribution still remains somewhat effective because the reporter justifies the quote by stating the two sources are professionals who have useful information to offer. The quotes after the first introduction to sources are effective because the reporter get the attribution out of the way with a simple, "Wagner said" (link here). After a few attributions of "Wagner said" the reporter uses "he said." This is effective because after the reader has seen only one person be attributed for a while they know who the quote should be attributed to. This might be an unsafe assumption to direct the reader towards but once the author goes back to quoting Larkin he clearly attributes him.

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