Downtown St. Paul water main burst

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Downtown St. Paul streets were flooded with 1.75 million gallons of water from a ruptured water main Friday which made the city test the area's tap water, The Pioneer Press reported.
For about 12 hours after the burst residents were advised by the city to not drink the tap water until testing was completed. The city advised to boil water Saturday after finding no harmful chemicals in the water, The Pioneer Press reported.
The precautions are taken because harmful bacteria could have entered the water supply although no evidence of that has been found, The Pioneer Press reported.
There is an average of 100 water main breaks in the system every year, most are small and do not cause issues, David Wagner from St. Paul Regional Water Services told the Associated Press.
Several downtown streets were closed by officials to have crews working on the pipes but most should have been reopened Sunday morning, Rick Larkin the city's director of emergency management told the Associated Press.

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