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Analysis: Richard Griffiths obituary

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The obituary of Richard Griffiths from the Associated Press uses Agent Simon Beresford as a source for the cause of death. The reporter also uses Beresford as a quote admiring Griffiths. Nicholas Hytner, artistic director at the National Theatre is quoted and used because he worked closely with Griffiths professionally. Daniel Radcliffe is also used as a source for closely working with Griffiths during the Harry Potter movie series.
A standard obituary lead is used, it begins with his name, followed by a notable fact about him, and then his age.
The news value to this story is immediacy and prominence because its reported the day after his death and he is a celebrity for Harry Potter fans and a popular stage actor. \
This obituary is different from a resume because it indulges in his accomplishments instead of just listing them. It is also sentimental because it has quotes from celebrities complimenting Griffiths.
The obituary does not go into a background before his professional accomplishments. It does say who Griffiths is survived by.

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