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Baby with HIV reported cured

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Doctors announced Sunda that a baby was cured of an HIV infection for the first time which could reduce the number of children with the virus that causes AIDS by changing how infected newborns are treated, The New York Times reported.
The Mississippi baby was treated with anti-retroviral drugs starting around 30 hours after birth and, if confirmed, is the second well-documented case of a cure in the world, The New York Times reported.
The baby contracted HIV at birth and the baby's mother tested positive when she arrived at the hospital to give birth, USA Today reported.
Dr. Hannah B. Gay, an associate professor of pediatrics, administered a three-drug regimen aimed treatment and virus levels rapidly declined, The New York TImes reported.
The mother stopped coming to the hospital when the baby was 18 months old and returned after five months to get negative results for viral infection, The New York Times reported.
The child, now 2 1/2, has been off drugs foe a year with no sign of functioning virus, The New York Times reported.

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