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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead

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Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist president died at the age of 58, Venezuelan Vice Nicolas Maduro said, ABC reported.
Chavez had been fighting cancer and had recently seeking treatment at a clinic in Cuba, ABC reported.
The last two years were a health struggle for Chavez who won a re-election in 2012 after declared himself free of an unspecific cancer, NBC reported.
He received surgery in Cuba after a relapse and was too sick to be sworn into office in January, NBC reported.
Chaves was praised by the "Chavistas" for reducing extreme poverty and making health care and education more accessible but was blamed for high inflation, food shortages, escalating crime and mismanagement of the country's oil industry by critics, NBC reported.
Chavez described himself as a champion of the poor. In 1992 He tried to overturn Venezuela's "powerful elites" in a failed coup and was democratically elected in 1999, ABC reported.
As president, Chavez created a new constitution, took greater control of the state-run oil company, expanded the country's armed forces and made government programs to create jobs, housing and services for the poor, NBC reported.

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