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Deadly earthquake hits southwestern China

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A earthquake struck Sichuan, a southwestern Chinese providence, on Saturday, killing at last 179 people and injuring about 6,700 others, CNN reported.
The earthquake struck at a depth of around 12 kilometers and about 115 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Chengdu, CNN reported.
"Comparatively speaking, the scale of the disaster is not as extensive as in 2008, although there are still multiple locations affected," Meimei Leung, emergency response director for World Vision's China office told the Los Angeles Times.
Residents were prepared from the earthquake that hit May 12, 2008 that left 90,000 people dead or missing, the Los Angeles Times reported.
"This time people knew what to do. As soon as the tremors started, they went out into open areas. The government also is working in a well-organized manner," Leung said.
Authorities sent rescue workers to the are around the epicenter, halted flights at the airport in Chengdu and suspended high-speed rail operations, according to state media, CNN reported.
First responders said the damage didn't appear as severe as the 2008 disaster, according to CCTV, CNN reported.

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