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U.S. suspects Syria used chemical weapons on 'small scale'

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The White House said Thursday that the Syrian government is likely to have used chemical weapons on its own people, on a small scale, The Washington Post reported.
Any use of chemical weapons in Syria would cross the "red line" a senior administration official tole the Washington post.
President Obama said that the deployment of chemical weapons would be a game-change and has threatened unspecified consequences if it happened, noting that it is mindful of the lessons from the Iraq war that started over ten years ago, Reuters reported.
The evaluation that Syria likely used chemical weapons is based on "physiological" samples, Reuters reported.
Britian, France and Israel have suggested that forces loyal to Assad have probably used sarin recently, The Washington Post reported.
Sarin, a nerve agent, which Iraq allegedly used 25 years ago in an attack on the Kurdish city of Halabja during the Iran-Iraq war, Reuters reported.

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