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SUV rolls over in Fridley, sends 7 to the hospital

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Seven people were sent to the hospital after the driver of an SUV, who had been drinking, rolled over just north of Interstate 694 in Fridley, Saturday, the State Patrol told the Star Tribune.
Jennifer L. Teetzel, the driver, was the only one wearing a seat belt, and several of the other passengers were thrown from the vehicle, Lt. Eric Roeske of the State Patrol told the Star Tribune.
The vehicle crashed about 5:20 p.m. on University Avenue, the State Patrol told the Pioneer Press.
The boy and the 47-year-old woman were taken to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale, while the others were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reported.
No other vehicles were involved in the crash, the State Patrol told the Star Tribune.
Teetzel was convicted for third-degree drunken driving in 2009, court records said, the Star Tribune reported.
She also pleaded guilty in 2003 for careless driving on a charge of fourth-degree drunken driving, which was dismissed, The Star Tribune reported.

A Little Falls had been indicted on first-degree, premeditated murder charges in connection with the killing of two teenage intruders at his home Thanksgiving Day, The Star Tribune reported.
Byron David Smith, a retired U.S. State Department employee was first charged in November with second-degree murder in the deaths of Halie Kifer, 18, and her cousin, Nick Brady, 17, The Star Tribune reported.
The two broke into Smith's home in along the backwaters of the Mississippi river, The Star Tribune reported.
Smith posted bail in December for $50,000 and has been free since, The Pioneer Press reported.
The hearing will be held July 1 in the Morrison County Courthouse in Little Falls, The Pioneer Press reported.

A former Minneapolis police officer was arrested again as new charges were found for his prior allegations that he raped a juvenile girl in Anoka County, the Start Tribune reported.
Bradely Schnickel sent photos of his genitalia and explicit messages to a preteen girl last fall, according to the new charges, the Star Tribune reported.
The 32-year-old faces four new felony counts on Internet or computer solicitation of children, according to the new charges, the Pioneer Press reported.
Schnickel was also charged February with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct in Anoka County, the Pioneer Press reported.
Anoka County prosecutors say he had sex with a 14-year-old girl and had a sexual encounter or chats via Facebook and Skype with three girls, ages 13 and 14, the Star Tribune reported.
Schnickel was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly Internet soliciting a Brooklyn center preteen and another juvenile girl, the Star Tribune reported.
The charges were filed Thursday, the Star Tribune reported.

Stillborn baby at Regions sent to laundry

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The body of a stillborn baby boy that was discovered among the hospital linens at a Red Wing commercial laundry came from Regions Hospital morgue, hospital officials told MPR News.
The baby was stillborn at 22 weeks and were sent to the laundry on Tuesday, according to a press release from the hospital, The Pioneer Press reported.
The hospital handles about 2,500 births a year, and about two stillborn births a month, Christine Boese, vice president of patient care told MPR news.
''When there's a stillborn, we work very closely with the family, to understand how they would like to handle the remains of the baby. Sometimes they ask us to take care of that, and other times they take care of that,'' Boese told MPR News.
After Crothall Laundry notified the hospital about the remains, Regions officials collected them "immediately," the hospital told The Pioneer Press.
Regions is "working to" notify the infant's family, but the message has not been delivered, Boese told The Pioneer Press.

Anoka jurors convicted Minneapolis police officer Sgt. David Clifford Saturday for nearly killing a man at a bar by punching him, The Star Tribune reported.
Clifford, a SWAT team leader, will be sentenced May 29 for the assault on Brian Vander Lee, The Star Tribune reported.
Vander Lee, 44, fell and hit his head on the concrete patio floor at Tanners Station last June and was put on life support for 40 days and underwent three brain surgeries, The Star Tribune reported.
Clifford was convicted of first-degree assault and third-degree assault, The Pioneer Press reported.
Clifford faces a seven year term, two-thirds would be served in prison while the rest would be supervised release, The Star Tribune reported.
"Everyone assumes we're going to give him a break because he;s a police officer," prosecutor Blair Buccicone told The Star Tribune.
Buccicone said he called Vander Lee after the verdict was read who said Vander Lee was "emotional," The Pioneer Press reported.
The state's decision to charge Clifford was based on the video taken from a bar surveillance camera, The Pioneer Press reported.

STDs increase in Minnesota

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The number of reported cases of sexually-transmitted diseases has increased 10 percent in 2012 since the previous year in Minnesota, The Minnesota Department of Health told The Pioneer Press.
About 21,500 cases were reported in 2012 while 19,500 were reported in 2011, the Pioneer Press reported.
The results were released by the Minnesota Department of Health Thursday, The Star Tribune reported.
"Untreated STDs can have serious health consequences, and we need to increase out efforts in partnership with our most impacted communities," Minnesota's health commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger told The Star Tribune.
Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are the reportable STDs in Minnesota, The Pioneer Press reported.
Chlamydia, which can cause infertility in men and women, reached a record of 18,048 reports in 2012, a 7 percent increase from the previous year, The Star Tribune reported.
Teens and young adults accounted for 65 percent of last year's 3,082 cases of Gonorrhea, which rose 35 percent, The Star Tribune reported.
Minneapolis has the highest STD rates for metro areas, which make up 80 percent of gonorrhea cases while suburban areas accounted for 30 percent, The Star Tribune reported.

Two men caught after escape from federal prison

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Authorities apprehended two men who escaped from Duluth Federal Prison Camp last Saturday, The Pioneer Press reported.
A U.S. Marshal task force arrested Gerald James Greenfield and Michael Joseph Krzyzaniak at about 1 a.m. at a Burnsville hotel and were booked at Ramsey County Jail pending an initial appearance in U.S. District Court, The Pioneer Press reported.
Krzyzaniak, 64, and Greenfield, 67, were discovered missing during an evening headcount, The Pioneer Press reported.
They were not considered to be armed, dangerous or violent, prison officials told The Pioneer Press.
They had stayed at the hotel since Sunday registered under an alias, Laura Bourdon, a spokeswoman for TMI Hospitality, which owns and operates the hotel told The Star Tribune.
Krzyzaniak has nine years to serve of a 12-year-plus term for defrauding investors through development projects that never happened, The Star Tribune reported.
Greenfield was serving four years for helping the developer of the Sexton Lofts in Minneapolis hide profits, The Star Tribune reported.

SPCO makes new offer to end lockout

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The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra management offered a new proposal late Friday after a push from St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman to prevent canceling the rest of the of the SPCO season, MPR News reported.
Coleman encouraged the musicians to consider the offer in a letter which addresses the their concerns, MPR News reported.
The musicians' attorney received a copy of the letter Friday, The Pioneer Press reported.
Some of the things Coleman got the SPCO to accept were compensation for substitute performers and alternates, a return-to-work agreement and the process for the artistic review, The Pioneer Press reported.
SPCO management proposed a $60,000 salary for three years and a reduction of full time positions in the orchestra from 34 to 28 March 28, which the musicians agreed to, The Pioneer Press reported.
SPCO management gave a Monday deadline to musicians for cancelling the remainder of the season, The Pioneer Press reported.
The musicians cannot vote on a contract until negotiations over digital media use between SPCO management and the American Federation of Musicians is resolved, The Pioneer Press reported.
There has been a lockout since Oct. 21, concerts are canceled until April 21, and the season schedule runs through June 8, The Pioneer Press reported.

Aaron Schaffhausen pleaded guilty Thursday to all four charges of killing his three young daughters in July, The Pioneer Press reported.
The second phase of the trial will determine if Schaffhausen's mental state at the time absolves him of the crimes, The Pioneer Press reported.
Jessica Schaffhausen, his ex-wife, agreed to let him see their children unexpectedly but asked him to leave the house before she returned home, The Star Tribune reported.
Schaffhausen will wither go to a psychiatric facility or prison potentially for the rest of his life depending on the decision of the second phase of the trial, The Pioneer Press reported.
Schaffhausen is remorseful and depressed, John Kucinsh, Schaffhausen's lead attorney told the Pioneer Press.
If Schaffhasuen is sentenced to a psychiatric facility, a judge could order his release it is determined he is no longer a threat to the public, Kucinski told the Pioneer Press.
If the jury rejects the insanity defense, he would receive three life sentences, The Pioneer Press reported.

Nhan Lap Tran, 34, has been charged with six felonies from fatal shooting rampage in Oakdale, Minn., The Pioneer Press reported.
Tran will have a mental health evaluation presented Monday to find if he is competent to proceed with his criminal trail and a second evaluation will determine whether Tran understands the wrongfulness of the alleged act, The Pioneer Press reported.
The 20-minute rampage began at 6:10 p.m. on Feb. 11 near the intersection of Hadley and 7th Street N., about a block away fro Tran's home, The Star Tribune reported.
The charges include second-degree murder with intent but not premeditation, second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony and second-degree murder with intent but not premeditation, The Star Tribune reported.
Tran's public defender requested a mental health evaluation that could lead to a defense of not guilty by reason of mental illness during his first court appearance, The Pioneer Press reported.
The prosecution team "vehemently disagrees" with the evaluation's findings that Tran is incompetent to be tried and doesn't understand what he was doing, Washington County Attorney Pete Orput told The Star Tribune.
The proceeding could halt from the results presented Monday until Tran is found competent to move on which could take months or years, Fred Fink, head of criminal division of the Washington County attorney's office, told The Pioneer Press.

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