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It's About More Than Power


In an episode of HBO's popular series Sex And The City character Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, says, "I know how to keep a man, you just give up all your power."

In a series that promotes the power of a woman, this line contradicts it all. Why would a character who is known for being independent, powerful and against any susceptibility to men say such a line? It imposes any bearing of thought for an independent women. It goes against Miranda's power complex, stating her willingness to succumb to the power of men. And it goes against her continuous mantra of preferring to be solo and not letting the ideologies and rules of relationships get to her.

This line is very discouraging to any female viewers. I know many females who consider this show a living bible. They refer to it in daily conversation and compare their relationships, daily nuances and random anecdotes to things from the series. They never go against anything set in stone on the show. On the show, if Charlotte says it takes half the time of a relationship to get over it, then it's true. If Samantha says that it's easier to sleep with people like a man and live like a woman they will do it. If Carrie believes the most important relationship a girl has is with her shoes, they will adapt that mantra. But with the suggestion Miranda makes, can it be possible that these females , and many others, will also choose to submit themselves to men in the power equation? Why is the power equation in a relationship such an issue? Must we revert back to the times of Ozzy and Harriet?