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Only the Third?


When I heard Jennifer Hudson made the cover of the American Vogue magazine, I was surprised. I happen to be a avid reader of the magazine and as hard as I tried I could only remember two black women celebrities being on the cover: Halle Barry & Oprah Winfrey. I also thought, has there been black singers? The answer is: no. I did some research and discovered that Jennifer Hudson is only the third black woman celebrity and the first black woman singer to be on the cover.

Vogue has always mixed a blend of waif-thin, European models and a mix of young and old Hollywood. Stars like Scarlett Johannsen, Renee Zellwegger and Sandra Bullock come to mind as recent cover models. I give major props to Anna Wintour, notorious editor-in-chief of the magazine, for selecting Hudson for the cover. Hudson has had an amazing year in the industry, with the success of Dreamgirls and her slew of awards. She is destined for greatness, and it's amazing Vogue broke their Caucasian mold of the cover model.

When i think about the Industry, I am surprised that only Oprah and Halle were previously on the cover. There are many multi-talented, beautiful women in the entertainment world that could easily grace the cover of the magazine. Such personalities like Beyonce and Alicia Keys are examples of this type. Hopefully this cover will push Vogue to modify their selection of cover models. It's good to diversify, no one wants to see a under-eating, overpaid model on the cover of every issue.