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Ready to Rumble

Old readers and new readers alike:

I am back and very excited to start blogging on economics, market analysis, investments, and even the occasional political blurb. I have missed sharing my thoughts with you guys, but some readers have kept in touch with me through my "Bull on Commodities Portfolio Updates." We made some very decent returns amidst a volatile market. But going forward we must be more keen then ever with our resource investments as they have proven to be quite the roller coaster ride.

I would just like to give a quick bit of info about myself for those readers who are new to the website. I am a student at the University of Minnesota double majoring in Economics and Statistics.

That's the logistical part...also the part that doesn't matter. On the other hand, I am a commodities bull government doubting college student who thinks college economics and his professors are academic boobs.

I have an extensive knowledge of the markets for commodities, energy, currencies, foreign debt, bonds, and housing.

I spent the summer doing exactly what I do on this website for a fantastic company-Agora Financial. Some of their other editors that I worked with include Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggins, Kevin Kerr, Dan Denning, and may other unbelievably intelligent and talented individuals in the world of finance.

I had a number of pieces published in the Whiskey and Gunpowder and Penny Sleuth newsletters, which both have a readership of over 100,000 people. I have been hired on to write for them on commodities investments, as well as other tid-bits during the school year. I will post links to my publications shortly.

Just scratching the surface, the main reasons for my bullish stance on commodities are the extensive amount of monetary inflation in the world, our current timing in the commodities/equities supercycles, and the growth in demand from emerging markets.

I will be going into greater detail into all of these notions, as well as other areas of interest going forward.

The last item I would like to discuss in this post is the Bull on Commodities Portfolio. That is my actual portfolio. Every trade I make I post on the website. I don't have one strict method of investments. I invest in each stock and ETF differently. The only consistency I carry is the notion of ripping profits without prejudice. I use a variety of technical and fundamental analysis to achieve this.

I have come a long ways in a short period of time, but I am always learning and adding tools to make me a better analyst and investor. That is the part of the world of finance that amazes me so much. Even after you've been an investor for 40 years, there is always something else to learn.

In closing, I have recently changed my residence. Because of this, I will not have internet at my new house until this Friday. I will continue to watch the markets and post my findings. I absolutely look forward to not only making money, but getting to know some of you along the way. As my current readers know, I strongly encourage you to send me questions or comments whenever you have them. My personal email address is Otherwise feel free to post in the comment section of the website, but please keep it tasteful. You can save your more angry posts for my personal email. Thanks again for reading.

Happy investing,

Nick Jones