June 14, 2005

Food History;Why we Love Specific Foods.

Some points from this reading "Ode to an Egg" that interested me was when "the girls big fresh eggs weren't cooked as long as the young man's and he was happy with his which he diced up with the spoon and ate with only the flow of butter to moisten them." I can recall that whenever a man is generally in the kitchen he takes longer to prepare a dish because they try to put 100% love into it and make things perfect. While reading this part in the passage it made me reflect on how I function in the kitchen. Even if I screw up on something, I still take pride in it and eat it as it was the best dish ever.
"Simple ingredients make the occasion more memorable"...... and I can say that just about anything that is simple and delicious is something to remember.
I enjoy eggs and I also experienced my wisdom teeth getting pulled out of my mouth and all I ate was eggs.

Some interesting points that I took from reading "Lets Be Frank", is how the writer talked about after a certain age then your chances of staying beautiful and in shape are slim. She basically says that it doesn't matter anymore but some people try to make it as their full time job to stay fit.
I also grasped that in the summertime on a sunny beach, the weather wears you down and you simply just get tired and hungry. Franks and chips are the most convenient things to be accessible to. Hot Dogs and Chips have always seemed to go with the beach atmosphere for some reason.
In contrary, even though the aroma of franks and the chips to compliment them are the crave for the summer, surfing and swimming substitute as an exercise to do while on the beach.

In "Something from the Oven" I found it to be very interesting in how the comany's marketed their cake products. I picked up that a woman being able to bake and innovative at it gave her a sense of identity. My Aunt loves to bake and she refuses to bake a cake from the instructions on the back because she feels that it's unoriginal. Anyone can do that.

Final Thought: Some of these passages went on tangents and was overly analyzed.

Posted by jord0206 at June 14, 2005 12:47 AM