June 14, 2005

Food and Culture/Ethnicity

"A flowering Appetite"

The writer’s background and traditions were easily reflected in this piece. I was able to retain knowledge from her culture and she portrayed a lot of her customs. At the funeral, dishes that reminded her of her grandma were served and it also showed where she came from. I didn’t find too many of the foods that the writer talked about appealing because it’s something that I’m not accustomed to. I have to taste something to see if it’s enjoyable. By reading this descriptive passage, by the way things were described I don’t think I would have cared too much for the foods.

“Barbeque Jamaican Style”

It found it interesting to read this article because it took me back to my experience that I had three weeks ago while vacationing in Atlanta for the Caribbean Festivities. Reggae music played the entire weekend and I was introduced to a different culture. For some reason I got a kick out of it when I heard “Rasta Man”. I was introduced to many different types of food and I enjoyed the spiciness of them. I find myself wanting to go to the Caribbean’s to experience more of their culture because I was amazed by the way things were so much different from my culture.

“Devil with a Red Apron On”

After reading the first few paragraphs it seemed as if the writer’s mom was a housewife. “….all she has to do write several dozen e-mails, wash and iron my father’s underwear, vacuum the drapes, and reorganize drawer.” I found it to be hilarious when she asked her son if he really wanted to know her secret to cooking and she replied “then stand here for the next 43 years and you’ll get the hang of it.” Like one of my Aunts, she felt that if you had to follow instructions and use the exact measures that were given to you, then you limiting yourself and you could never become a great cook.

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