June 19, 2005

How we Shop For Food

How We Shop For Food

I often eat out way too much and its coming to a point where I get disgusted with it. I am sort of a fat man in disguise. Im so small and petite but I eat as if I were obese. From the fall of 2004 til now, I can say that my roommates and I have been grocery shopping a total number of two times. I am really concerned about my health and after reading these articles I still have qualms about whats a healthy diet. Even at the grocery store you still have to wonder how certain things were processed and if it's healthy. In reading the articles about the markets, it opened my eyes into shopping for the most freshest foods available. Even though some places are expensive, its always positive in trying to live a healthy life.

Posted by jord0206 at June 19, 2005 5:23 PM