June 26, 2005

What's In the Meat?

What’s in the meat?

Appalling, disgusted, and nauseating are a few words to describe the way I felt after looking at the chapter “What’s in the Meat,” out of Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation attained a lot of interesting facts. Reading about the symptoms that are caused from E. coli doesn’t sound like a pretty site. What got me the most was blood in the stool and bad abdominal pains. After reading, I thought, about how many cows are slaughtered on a daily basis? Its kind of messed up how cows are raised for all of their lives to just end up getting butchered. I see why some people are vegetarians. I also found it nasty that how cattle’s are fed other animals. “They’re designed to eat grass and, maybe grain. I mean, they have four stomachs for a reason-to eat products that have a high cellulose content. They are not designed to eat other animals.”(202)

Posted by jord0206 at June 26, 2005 9:37 PM