June 28, 2005


I have never heard of the consumption of gorilla meat. I also found it interesting that some taste better than others. Like chimpanzee meat has a smell to it which now has me wondering what it actually smells like. “Many Central Africans still prefer the taste of bushmeat, in all its prolific variety, but millions of recent urbanities also value bushmeat as a reminder of their culture identity and roots in traditional villages.” This reminds me of the Greg Atkinson piece, “Forming a Palate” and “Devil with A Red Apron On” by David Leite. Both of these pieces touched on how developing a palate for a certain type of food or childhood experiences is a sense of reminder to where they come from. I found the sample student paper to be very interesting and in fact I feel that the information that I was reading was coming from a good source. I say this because I am currently enrolled in a Nutrition class as well for the summer and I read about how a variety of foods should be a part of our everyday diet. I notice that in the first paragraph that the student gives a fact but doesn’t cite the source. Overall, I found that paper to be interesting.

Posted by jord0206 at June 28, 2005 10:14 PM