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September 27, 2006

5th St. Saftey?

dark road.jpg

A problem I would like to fix in my own environment is the lighting on my street. Im talking about 5th St., which is lit up very poorly at night and I personally feel very unsafe when my friends walk down it late at night(which we do almost every night). There has been a history of crime on this street, including students being robbed at gunpoint and knife-point. We also get confronted by bums/hobos, whatever you prefer, quite often. They are more or less harmless, but they are annoying and lights might make them want to sleep somewhere else. Once we make it to dinkytown, the lighting is fine, but there is a 3 block strech of unsafe walking. I am especially concerned for my female housemates when they have to walk alone, its just not a good road to walk. Not to mention the times when my friends and I make the walk when we are a little less "alert" and careful. I would like the city to put in a few more street lights to make us feel safe on our food runs. This wouldn't cost very much money and it really just has to be done. Probably wont happen, but I know Im not the only one that thinks this is necessary. It shouldnt be put off until someone gets shot or kidnapped, but I guess thats how the city works.

I also cant be credited for this picture. Thats all Google.

September 12, 2006

Midtown Market . . .

I visited the Midtown market on one of it's slower days, yet I still found it to be an exciting place to do some shopping. I felt very safe, I did not expect that at all. I expected a much more run down, dirty and eneasy type of area. The people were great, very friendly and willing to help me out. I wasn't able to stay for very long and try some of the foods. I would assume the food is great. It reminded me of a farmers market type of place, which is great for fresh produce and such. I think thats awesome to be able get fresh fruit and veggies in the middle of the city. As for the stucture and environment, I thought it was great. It was very well kept and I really enjoyed the use of natural lighting. To sum things up, I had a great experience during my very brief visit to this area. I enjoyed it.

I included a picture of some of the fresf produce that was available. My favorite, the chili peppers. I would also note that just by looking at the man in the picture, most would say he looks like a nice guy. That was the general feeling I got from the whole crowd.

Also, I forgot my camera so I had to get this picture from the website. So dont give me credit.