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October 3, 2006

My big practice room

When I sat down and thought about a place that was meaningful to me, I found that the fourth or fifth one that popped up in my head was the most important to me. I am a jazz saxophonist and I practice at least once a day for about an hour or two. Ive done this in a number of places, but my current practice room is by far my favorite. The way this room sounds is unlike anything i have ever experienced. This is about 90% of the reason this is my favorite place. It sounds so good, I am still astonished everytime. Not only this, it is also very big, unlike the usual small practice room, but its not too big. The lighting is perfect for reading music and playing in general, and the lighting is also perfect with the lights off. Not to mention the amenities in the room for when I get bored or frustrated. The room Im talking about is our chapter room in our house, so there is a pool table, ping pong table, fooseball, bubble hockey, and a dumb video game. I really only ever play pool and ping pong though. This room also allows my housemates to hear me play too, when they insist on playing pool while I practice. This room is special to me beacuse it is where I play my sax, and that is special to me. The way it sounds, or the acoustics of this room has got to be its 'genius loci'. Its what does it for me!

I chose this image, and I did take it and edit it this time, because I think it captures the warmth that I feel when im in the room praticing and also the warmth of my sound and the tremendous sound of the room.

I apologize for the poor quality, I had shrink it so it would fit, Im still working on it.


Here is an idea of how this room sounds. This is me playing the John Coltrane Ballad "Naima" in this room with background music.

Have a listen, it does work.