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September 28, 2006

Pluto Is No Longer

I don't understand this. At the same time i find this to be hilarious. So one day all the astronomers and scientist in the world decided that Pluto was no longer a planet. I think thats hilarious. Why did we make it a planet in the first place if it was so small. If i was Pluto i would be pissed. Thats just one of the many things i don't understand about astronomy. Oh yah and if anyone is thinking about taking astronomy i suggest you like 9th grade science, cause THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!

September 26, 2006



Alright I feel like talking about something funny today, and what is funnier than a duck billed platypus. This is by far the craziest animal to ever walk the planet earth. This crazy thing is like atleast 8 different amimals in one. You don't believe me, well I will tell you.
Duck Bill = Duck
Webbed Feet = Goose/Frog
Flat Tail = Beaver
Fur = Dog
Swimming Abilities = Seal
See what i mean. This animal is just ridiculous. Well i have always just thought that the platypus was an awesome and crazy animal, and now you all know. Plus if you have more than one platypus you have Platypie how awesome is that. Ok i'm done later.

September 24, 2006

Our First Paper

So are first assignment was to pretty much critique a speech by my most favorite person in the whole entire world.....................President George W. Bush. So obviously there is a little sarcasim in that statement. I was so excited when i got this assignment i can not even tell you. Now this has it's down side. As i was writing this paper i just kept thinking about how much i didn't like him, and it showed. My paper was pretty much just a President bashing session in proper writing form. Now this gave my paper a very interesting and funny aspect, but i was missing the whole analization part. I realize that now. Thats why there are second drafts. Right? But don't think for one second that i am going to ease up on that stupid mother. haha


So this weekend was my first weekend home from college. HOLY COW. I did not know that one little town of about 3000 people could change so drastically in 3 weeks. It's just ridiculous. There were two new buisnesses running, two had changed there names, two had closed down, two main roads had been fixed, and two people that i knew had died. This is all for real, i could not believe it, and to top it all off my room no longer exists. My awesome? little 16 year old brother and my parents thought it would be a great idea to tear everthing out that was mine and move my bro in there. He got a new bed, new carpet, a new paint job, and satelite tv. Awesome. And i get a 2 person bedroom, no tv, plain walls, and a used bed. I think it was an awesome trade, dont you?

September 18, 2006


So today is like the first really cold day of the year. I am excited. Winter is my favorite season of the year. My favorite part is that you can see your breath. To me there is nothing better than getting up early with a cup of coffee in my hand all bundled up, walking to class. Today was kinda like that minus the snow. So soon enough my dream will come true and i will get to renact this every morning. Snow is the best.

September 15, 2006

Cell Phone Addict

Ok so before i came to school my Sidekick 3 broke. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a cell phone made by T-mobile that is pretty much a personal computer in the palm of your hands. So i had it for a few months and got very attached. So my phone broke and i had to send it in to get a new one. Now they give you a loaner phone for the 2 weeks your phones getting fixed, so you think they would give me a nice phone like i'm used to. WRONG. They gave me this piece of shit that isn't even color and barelly works. So long story short i was hurtin for 2 weeks and today i got my new phone and i am happy and the world is right once again.

September 12, 2006

I Thought The Moon Was Cool

Ok so you know how you would look up at the sky and the moon would always be out.......... Yah well once you take astronomy that doesn't happen anymore. I have to observe the moon for my class and every day i have tried to go and look at it its been hiding behind some clouds, or its been crappy outside. Now when i think about the moon i don't think of how beautiful it looks, i think of how fast it is circulating around the earth, and when its going to be a new moon, and if i'm going to be able to see it. It is very dissapointing and i have a whole 13 more weeks of this.

September 11, 2006

America The Book

America the Book is a modern day picture book for grown, sarcastic, adults. There is a lot of suttle humor within the text that takes a little bit of thinking to fully understand. I thought this book was ok. I wouldn't go buy it myself but it was worth the couple chapters i read. I liked chapter seven the best. I was impressed at how it depicted the growth of media throughout the years, and how it made fun of Americans in general. A passage that i liked went like this, " Something had to give, and that something was radio. Trough the magic of radio, people could stay informed without having to read. They could listen while remaining sedentary, with their eyes closed, perhaps gnawing on a delicious shank of lamb." - America the Book
That i found to be very funny, he also makes a comment about tv and how we weren't satified with only having some of our senses numbed we needed to have them all broken down to feel complete. All in all it was funny and a good introduction to the class.