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America The Book

America the Book is a modern day picture book for grown, sarcastic, adults. There is a lot of suttle humor within the text that takes a little bit of thinking to fully understand. I thought this book was ok. I wouldn't go buy it myself but it was worth the couple chapters i read. I liked chapter seven the best. I was impressed at how it depicted the growth of media throughout the years, and how it made fun of Americans in general. A passage that i liked went like this, " Something had to give, and that something was radio. Trough the magic of radio, people could stay informed without having to read. They could listen while remaining sedentary, with their eyes closed, perhaps gnawing on a delicious shank of lamb." - America the Book
That i found to be very funny, he also makes a comment about tv and how we weren't satified with only having some of our senses numbed we needed to have them all broken down to feel complete. All in all it was funny and a good introduction to the class.