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Cell Phone Problems II

I was just thinking that i should create a category just for all the times i have talked about my cell phone. Haha anyways. I had to send my phone into T-mobile once again because it will not charge. Now when i bought this 300 dollar phone the last thing i thought i was going to be worrying about was it charging. As a matter of fact i was actually excited to have a phone that could actually charge and work when i wanted it to. But little did i know that 3 months after buying this phone i would be on my 3rd one. Ya thats right I am on my 3rd cell phone in 3 months. Granted I get them all for free but it takes atleast 3 weeks for them to get my new one to me. Atleast this time i have a decent replacement for my old phone. One that actually has a color screen, and can text message.