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Minnesota Wild Rock

WHAT A CRAZY GAME!!!!!!!!!!! Last night my girlfriend came up and we went to the Wild game. My parents were gracious enough to give us they're tickets for last night. To start off it was a pretty slow game not much happening. But in the second period people were hitting people left and right. There were break aways upon breakaways. It was completly ridiculous. To make a short story shorter, they went into a tiebreaker shootout. Each team got 3 shots on the other goalie. Both teams made one shot so it goes until one person makes it and the other misses. It went all the way down to the sixth shooter. That man was #96 Piere Mark Bouchard. He did the craziest move ever on a penalty shot. He came across the goalies net, stopped, did a 360 and shot it in the open net. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE I just stood there in awe. The funny part about this is that the person that made this move famous was the Chicago Blackhawks Coach. (thats who we were playing) All in all it was one of the best games I have ever seen.