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Student enrollments are up slightly

it is unclear what effects the economy will have on our enrollments which are up slightly more than we predicted. In past years when there was an economic downturn, students came back to school in record numbers because they could not find jobs - particularly at the graduate level.

In the Chronicle, there are articles today suggesting that parents can not afford to send their kids away to school.
" Fifty-seven percent of the 2,500 high-school seniors surveyed this fall by a scholarship-search group called MeritAid said they were considering less-expensive, less-selective colleges. The survey, which was sent to students who had signed on to the company's college and scholarship-matching Web sites, found that 14 percent of the students had shifted their attention from four-year to two-year colleges."

One strategy that our College may need to use is to attract more transfer students from two year colleges.