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September 28, 2008

Image Bank > Collage

Clark's creature

For Project 1, students contributed photos to a class image bank, in these categories: Animal, Face, Texture, Landscape, and Machine. By sampling from these folders they generated unique collage creatures and surreal landscapes in photoshop.

Here is a collage creature and landscape by Andrew>>

And another creature by Kendra >>

Aily's creature>>

View class syllabus

September 18, 2008

Fall 2008 Student BLOGS

The Digital Methods in Art Education course is required for all Art Education majors at the University of Minnesota Duluth. This blog is maintained by Joellyn Rock, Assistant Professor of Art + Design.

Fall 2008 Student Blogs
Clark Anderson
Andy Arkelin
Lydia Kepulis
Andrew Nagahashi
Samantha Sackett
Aily Schoen
Kendra Stettler

Starting up your blog



2. Click top link > LOGin to UThink
(note other BLOG HELP on this page, return to it for more tech help if needed)

3. login with UMD user name + password

4. Movable type page comes up > click to your blog

5. View CONTROL PAGE (Dashboard) of your MOVABLE TYPE BLOG

6. VIEW pull down menus for Create, Manage, Design,Preferences, Tools, etc
In the Manage menu, you will see the button for CATEGORIES

7. Your first task when setting up your blog is to establish top level CATEGORIES
Your blog must include these categories, and any others you decide you want...

About this Blog
Digital Methods Class
My Lesson Plans
New Media Art Research
Project 1 > Digital Collage
Project 2 > Moving Images
Project 3 > Digital Storytelling
Project 4 > Media Remix
Project 5 > Digital Presentation
Project Reflections
Recently Noticed
Tweed Museum of Art
UMD Art + Design
UMD Art Education

8. After you have established these categories,
you can use the Create menu to add NEW ENTRIES to your blog,
Each new entry must fall into a category.

Use this week to begin posting new entries to your blog >

A. NEW ENTRY > Welcome!
CATEGORY > About this Blog
POST a short welcome to your blog, giving your name and your major and your goals for this class... tell a little about yourself as an art educator.

B. NEW ENTRY > Digital Collage Brainstorm
CATEGORY > My Lesson Plans
POST several ideas for ways you might integrate Digital Collage into a lesson plan.
Don't work up entire lesson plan format, simply brainstorm a short lsit of cool ideas

C. NEW ENTRY > Creature / Landscape Collage
CATEGORY> Project 1 > Digital Collage
Post a short description of your first project
include the steps you took to create your collage work

In the same ENTRY
Use Create menu to
UPLOAD FILE > you will upload a small JPG
(no larger than 400x600 ppi )
Showing your collage project

Popup window will ask for your file AND other steps...

and to regularly hit the POST
and the REBUILD Buttons on the blog.

USE THE Browser RELOAD button when viewing Your Blog to refresh the new content!

Always TYPE all your work into a text edit or word doc file so that you have it saved for Easy posting.
Don't Freak out if the blog site gets slow, Try at another time of the day... If you run into Blog trouble, take a break and work in your word processing program. Once you get used to it, the Blog will be a great tool for you to share your work on the web!

September 4, 2008

Fall 2008 Digital Methods Class

Digital Methods in Art Ed
ART 3814 - sec 001
10:00AM-11:50AM TTh
Montague Hall 239

Here is a link to our Fall 2008 syllabus

Students will be establishing individual blogs to record their progress this semester.

Students, Please post your recently noticed item to the comments below...