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Fall 2008 Digital Methods Class

Digital Methods in Art Ed
ART 3814 - sec 001
10:00AM-11:50AM TTh
Montague Hall 239

Here is a link to our Fall 2008 syllabus

Students will be establishing individual blogs to record their progress this semester.

Students, Please post your recently noticed item to the comments below...



Over the Summer I worked with a Photo camp with the Tweed. We did lots of Photography and then stop motion films. We made our own film with the students. They were really into the stop motion and many of them said they did it before, which really surprised me. Then we went on the internet where they showed me different examples of You Tube videos they've seen stop motion. I've put an example below. It's seems like a new thing that students are into these days.


A recent show I watched was discussing the best movies of the summer. This particular program felt that the video game Grand Theft Auto should hold this title. The hosts of this show felt that the strong story line, cut scenes, and voice over acting put this game in the same category as a summer blockbuster. I feel that this is a look at the future of cinema as the bridge between movies and video games becomes shorter and shorter.

The new digital technology that I have noticed lately is the smartboard. I was volunteering in an elementary art classroom and the teacher had just received her first smartboard. It is a device much like the blackboard, but it is for the digital age. From what I understand, It's an interactive tool that projects onto a screen, and the students can use a "pen" on their desks that will interact with the screen. This is a great way to keep all of the students involved because any students answer to a question can be shown to the entire class.

When I was out in the classrooms I saw a lot of students sneaking their headphones and cell phones into the class. I feel that perhaps instead of just punishing the students for sneaking their devices we should promote the idea of technology in the classroom (especially the art classroom). By giving the students projects or ideas that have them use the technology that they are accustom to and turning it into a work of art.

In general I've noticed just the overall development of digital technology in schools and communities. With new Mac software I was able to work with a boy named Calvin, who has autism, with story developing and art expression. With cameras, as common as they are today, he was able to take his own pictures and develop his own stories and imaginative charters. It was a way for him to express himself through art in a more modern artistic way. Now Calvin is also getting into stop motion and video art.

This summer I was surprised to see my 9 year old brother and his friend making a short film on my families digital camera. Instead of playing outside, or crashing toys into furniture like normal, the boys decided to make a movie with legos using stop motion. They were thrilled to see that they made their toy lego car look as though it were actually moving across the screen. Todays digital culture is rapidly changing, and more kids are being influenced and at a younger age. I just thought it was really exciting to see these two boys putting aside things like movies, tv shows, and video games, and instead, using their imagination to create their own.

My love for reading started out when I was very young. And lately, I have noticed that a lot of companies are making electronic books for children and I was thinking about how neat it would have been to have played around with one of those when I was growing up. They are fully interactive and they focus on building skills and gaining knowledge while fully engaging the children in the story line. Depending on the brand, the pictures move, make noises, and many of them let you choose your own ending. Some have touch screens and others have a control pad, but either way they are a fun new way to build on your knowledge and reading skills.