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September 30, 2009

Stop Motion with Puppets

Animated Type

September 29, 2009

Motion Capture

September 26, 2009

Prometheus' Garden Claymation

Surreal work for an adult audience. PROMETHEUS' GARDEN (28 min., 1988) is the only completed film over which legendary underground animator Bruce Bickford maintained 100% creative control.

Występ z Ukraińskiego "Mam talent" sand animation

I think this is a clip from the Ukranian Got Talent competition... I'd like more info on this if you can find it! This link was sent by Andrew who was in this class last fall...

check this out! I saw it and reminded me of your class. I hope the start of your semester is going well! -Andrew Nagahashi

September 25, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues

full movie is viewable for free on the internet

Light Graffiti

ight graffiti
From: juxtepozer |

See also:

LED throwies > Graffiti Research Lab

Harold and the Purple Crayon

1969 animation of the classic book "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson.

Graffiti Animation by BLU

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

Stop Motion Animation

Hardcuore is the creative office of graphic artist Breno Pineschi, who has been working with art direction and graphic design since 2002. Breno and his team works in diverse fields, such as music, fashion, publishing, installations, motion graphics and visual identity among others.

September 24, 2009

Animation Demos

1. Cameraless Animation > Amber P + Rachel H

2. Cutout Animation > Shawntell + Elise

3. Storyboards + Animatics > Curtis + Brent

4. Stop Motion > Tiffany + Amber

5. Sand + Paint Animation > Tara, Christina, Melissa

6. Puppet Animation > Jessalyn + Amara

7. Claymation > Lorena + Sarah

8. Chalk, Graffiti, Whiteboard > Whitney + Jillian

Digital Methods Syllabus



Project 1 : Digital Collage

This first project is an introduction to Photoshop as a creative tool ... Students should learn how to use basic photoshop tools to select, resize, crop, cut and paste in the digital collage method. Students should understand how to use layers in photoshop. Students should experiment with altering color to create harmony or contrast in their collage. Students should understand how to set image size and resolution for print and screen-based images.

View examples of collage in art history and digital techniques. Discuss appropriation, copyright and image sampling in contemporary art. Experiment with mixing media : combine digital photography, digital illustration + scanned artwork. View online syllabus for links to collage examples, appropriation and copyright when image sampling. See more links below.

Project Steps

Create a collective image bank for use in digital collage. Each student will contribute 5 images to the image bank. Images must be original, your own photos or artwork. Place your images in the digital folders: texture, landscape, face, animal, mechanical object.

Use photoshop to create an imaginary creature, part human, part animal, part mechanical by sampling images from the class image bank.

Use photoshop to create an imaginary setting, a surreal landscape built by sampling images from the class image bank.

Use the layers in photoshop to experiment with placing your creature on top of the imaginary landscape. Keep the creature on a separate layer. Test scale relationships and try moving your creature, like a puppet, across the landscape.

Online Resources...

Whitney's animation


Please add more resources to this list!

September 23, 2009

Urban architecture and digital art

LED throwies > Graffiti Research Lab

The Crown Fountain > Millennium Park Chicago

September 22, 2009

Quick animation in Photoshop

here's my first try...


September 16, 2009

Animation Mentor

An online school for animation + some free resources

September 12, 2009

Digital Art Workshop for Youth


UMD Fine Arts Academy Fall 2009
Digital Art Workshop for Youth
4:00 pm to 5:45 pm
Tuesdays After School
Oct 13 through Nov 10

This 5 session afterschool digital art workshop will introduce youth to a variety of animation techniques that can be used to tell digital stories. Participants will learn how to create original imagery with digital tools such as digital cameras and photoshop software. Experimental animation materials such as clay, sand, and other stop-motion techniques will be explored. The media arts elements of space, time, light, motion, color and sound will be integrated to generate a unique digital story spun from a well-known tale.

Register via Fine Arts Academy >>
(218) 726-7090
(218) 726-7011
Download Registration Form>>

One of the most creative aspects of our Digital Methods class will be the integration of a Digital Art Workshop for Youth. Art Education Students will get the chance to do hands-on teaching and mentoring of children ages 10-14 who sign up for this afterschool workshop.

September 10, 2009

Fall 2009 Student Blogs

The Digital Methods in Art Education course is required for all Art Education majors at the University of Minnesota Duluth. This blog is maintained by Joellyn Rock, Assistant Professor of Art + Design. Students in Digital Methods in Art Education will archive their work for the semester with their own blogs...

Amara Barthelemy
Shawntelle Bates
Jessalyn Eddy
Brent Erickson
Elise Filmore
Whitney Halquist
Rachel Heisler
Curtis Huso
Christina Johnson
Melissa Kirchoff
Tara Mathison
Amber Burns (Olson)
Amber Parker
Tiffany Quade
Lorena Sell
Jillian Westrum
Sarah Wiesner

Terry Gilliam's Collage Animation

Terry Gilliam was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1940... find out more about this Monty Python animator:

September 9, 2009

Ferenc Cakó Sand Animation

If you haven't seen sand animation before, check out this beautiful example on youtube...
link to youtube
Vivaldi Four Seasons Winter Sand Animation film Ferenc Cakó

link to more about the artist

more of his films

Ferenc Cakó was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1950. His individual and special sand animation show is very popular all over the world. Sand animation is done on a stage, where people can see Mr. Cako actually doing the performance. He is performing in total darkness, and the picture is projected out with a high power and resolution video projector.

September 8, 2009

Recently Noticed in Digital Culture

At the beginning of every semester I ask students what they are noticing in visual culture...