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Project 1 : Digital Collage

This first project is an introduction to Photoshop as a creative tool ... Students should learn how to use basic photoshop tools to select, resize, crop, cut and paste in the digital collage method. Students should understand how to use layers in photoshop. Students should experiment with altering color to create harmony or contrast in their collage. Students should understand how to set image size and resolution for print and screen-based images.

View examples of collage in art history and digital techniques. Discuss appropriation, copyright and image sampling in contemporary art. Experiment with mixing media : combine digital photography, digital illustration + scanned artwork. View online syllabus for links to collage examples, appropriation and copyright when image sampling. See more links below.

Project Steps

Create a collective image bank for use in digital collage. Each student will contribute 5 images to the image bank. Images must be original, your own photos or artwork. Place your images in the digital folders: texture, landscape, face, animal, mechanical object.

Use photoshop to create an imaginary creature, part human, part animal, part mechanical by sampling images from the class image bank.

Use photoshop to create an imaginary setting, a surreal landscape built by sampling images from the class image bank.

Use the layers in photoshop to experiment with placing your creature on top of the imaginary landscape. Keep the creature on a separate layer. Test scale relationships and try moving your creature, like a puppet, across the landscape.

Online Resources...

Whitney's animation


Please add more resources to this list!