September 24, 2009

Animation Demos

1. Cameraless Animation > Amber P + Rachel H

2. Cutout Animation > Shawntell + Elise

3. Storyboards + Animatics > Curtis + Brent

4. Stop Motion > Tiffany + Amber

5. Sand + Paint Animation > Tara, Christina, Melissa

6. Puppet Animation > Jessalyn + Amara

7. Claymation > Lorena + Sarah

8. Chalk, Graffiti, Whiteboard > Whitney + Jillian

December 16, 2008

Woodland Middle School > Stop motion

Clark and Andrew spent time at Woodland Middle School, providing a multi-day lesson in stop motion animation. Their lesson used two poems by Robert Frost as the thematic structure for claymation interpretations.

read more on their blogs...
Clark's reflection

Andrew's lesson

December 4, 2008

Wanda Gag at the Tweed

Wanda Gag’s graphic art is distinguished by its use of dramatic shadows and highlights, as well as its sinuous, flowing shapes and lines...

Wanda Gag's Millions of Cats

This week about eighty 2nd grade students from Lowell school in Duluth visited the Tweed to see the Wanda Gag show. Our Art Ed students, Lydia, Andy, and Aily tested some simple drawing and animation lessons with these school children. It went well!

millions of cats by millions of kids

Read more on Lydia's blog...

Andy at the sand table

More about Wanda Gag on the Tweed website:

November 6, 2008

Light table / Sand animation

We are testing several animation techniques in class...
last class we tried colored sand on a light table

view the test here
Download file


tempera paint

October 28, 2008

White Board Animation try


Today in class we experimented with stop motion techniques that could be done in a regular classroom with children. Here's our quick example of white board animation...

Download file