December 29, 2008

What is a Holiday Glog ????

Most of us are already familiar with the common uses of the word grog

and paired with the season, you can find many recipes for the holiday variety

but in a new linguistic remix, we bring you
Holiday Glog

What could be worse than a long rambling holiday letter that does nothing but complain about how busy the past year was, while bragging about the accomplishments of your family members?

How about a holiday blog (GLOG!) that does all of the above PLUS it's loaded with pictures and video clips of the family activities!

And unlike most holiday letters, this one actually allows you to post your snide comments below each shared item. Just use the comments box below!

Now for starters...
Here's a little claymation we did while housebound during one of several recent blizzards
Click this link to view the movie>>
Download file

Best wishes for a Happy (noggin', groggin', bloggin'...) New Year!

With much affection from blustery Duluth,

Joellyn, Rob and JJ

Snowy Days in Duluth

We try to make the most of living in this fierce climate...

by snowboarding with friends

and taking long walks in the woods

past the tiramisu left by the snowplows

and stopping to appreciate the winter panorama
of Holy Rosary church, school and sledding hill

and finally coming back to our cozy home

where the shovel is always waiting

Our Rockin' Year

13 year old JJ has been very busy writing and performing music whenever he gets the chance. Here he is jammin with Rob in our livingroom.

Meanwhile, Completely Random has played a few gigs over the year, giving JJ and his mates, Sam and Jack, a chance to test their songs on a live audience. The band's myspace page
features downloadable songs and video clips from a few of these performances.

as does this site

Who knows what will come next for these ambitious lads, mostly promoted by the talented Jack Campbell (drums). But for now they are taking a hiatus from performing for a few months, catching up on sleep and snowboarding.


This summer, JJ and Jack also attended the Rock Band Camp at MacPhail Music Center in Minneapolis, culminating in a gig at First Ave / Seventh Street Entry.

We Rock the Boat

Another highlight of 2008 was the Alaskan Cruise we took with Grandma Rock.

Here's Carol with her five grandkids on the deck.

The extended Rock clan joined us for days of scenic splendor and nights of karaoke dominance.

Cousin Alex became champion of the ship's Idol competition.

JJ joined his Zutz cousins on a zipline adventure in Ketchikan.

And then JJ was invited up on stage with the ship's Reggae band, Magnitude.

Thanks Grandma... for all the memories!

Rob's Clan

The trip to Alaska brought us through Anchorage in June, where we heard talk of a popular new female governor, (still under the radar at that time) and got to spend some lovely time with Rob's mom Alice and stepdad Jim.

JJ scored a cool Russian army hat at the Anchorage market, which became his favorite headgear on the trip.

And earlier that month, we swung through Portland to see Rob's sister Amy, Duncan and their pile of lively girls


It's been a very full year of work and growth and transformation.

We feel blessed.

and thankful that this guy didn't throw a wrench into the works!

Silent Night

Speaking of blustery weather, check out this beautiful example of sand animation on youtube...
link to youtube
Vivaldi Four Seasons Winter Sand Animation film Ferenc Cakó

Ferenc Cakó was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1950. His individual and special sand animation show is very popular all over the world...

The wind has died down a bit, so now we are thankful for the quiet of a winter's night.


Peace to all.

until next year, when I glog again!