December 29, 2008

What is a Holiday Glog ????

Most of us are already familiar with the common uses of the word grog

and paired with the season, you can find many recipes for the holiday variety

but in a new linguistic remix, we bring you
Holiday Glog

What could be worse than a long rambling holiday letter that does nothing but complain about how busy the past year was, while bragging about the accomplishments of your family members?

How about a holiday blog (GLOG!) that does all of the above PLUS it's loaded with pictures and video clips of the family activities!

And unlike most holiday letters, this one actually allows you to post your snide comments below each shared item. Just use the comments box below!

Now for starters...
Here's a little claymation we did while housebound during one of several recent blizzards
Click this link to view the movie>>
Download file

Best wishes for a Happy (noggin', groggin', bloggin'...) New Year!

With much affection from blustery Duluth,

Joellyn, Rob and JJ