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Media Arts Standard

Minnesota State Standard - Creation and Performance -
Benchmark: MEDIA ARTS

The student will:

1. Understand the integration of the following components of media arts:

a. elements, including image, sound, space, time, motion, and sequence;

b. principles, such as repetition, unity, or contrast;

c. vocabulary

d. structures, such as chronological or spatial;

e. styles, such as documentary, narrative, or abstract; and

f. technical skills, such as selection and use of the tools of the

2. Understand the cultural, historical, or social contexts that
influence the creation of media arts.

3. Use artistic processes to create a single, complex work or multiple
works in media arts;

4. Generate and clarify artistic intent for work in media arts;

5. Make decisions based on artistic intent;

6. Make choices based on analysis of audience and occasion for media artwork.


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