January 12, 2008

Software Resources

First off, I always encourage people to actively use the HELP menu that is built into the software they are using. Software updates so frequently, including baffling changes in the location of tools and procedures. Using the help that comes with the version of software you are using is the best way to assure you are getting the correct info. Do the built in tutorials + click through the HELP topics before you seek info elsewhere.

( And Please post your own links to software resources to the comments at the bottom! )

There are tons of resources + tutorials on the web. Here are some good places to start:

iLife How-to Guides (iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes)

And for more in-depth learning, you can subscribe to
Apple Professional Development Online

Apple Software Support

Apple iMovie Tutorials

Atomic Learning Tutorials
iMovie HD 6


photoshop elements

Photoshop CS3 Extended