The Bells are ALIVE...

On Xmas eve, Rob and I sprawled on the couch, exhausted by the year's activities. Partway into a podcast of Dickens' Carol, Rob was snoring. Buzzed on cold medicine and cookies, I began channel surfing a nostalgic mashup of The Sound of Music and It's a Wonderful Life, augmented by the aroma of pork roasting in the next room. The remix: It's the Wonderful Sound of Life Music! follows the jumbled story of George/Georg and Mary/Maria as they out-smart evil Nazi bankers who are foreclosing on an Austrian villa with rickety bannister and bad curtains. There is much drinking and dancing and singing about goats and buffalo gals. Several pixies get drenched.

"Do-do, Re-re, Zu-zu..." the musically challenged children can (eventually) hold a tune! The Baroness opens a brothel in Bedford Falls, rescuing Mary/Maria from her horrific internship with Ma Superior in the abbey library. George/Georg finally makes the grand gesture of lassoing a nun, then stuffs his pockets with edelweiss and skips town to build bridges in the mountains. In the end, some money is laundered, a bell rings, and the porchetta gets taken out of the oven.

Here's wishing you all a dreamy completion of the holiday season... even as you wake up and smell the NEW YEAR!!


A few pics and video clips of the past year below... for those who are not full to the brim of status updates and photo galleries! Thanks for putting up with this Happy New Year Glogg...

With Love from Joellyn, Rob & JJ

JJ with Gma in February

Rob in Bergen last March

April recording session in what used to be our dining room

Grace, Wit & Charm at Teatro Zuccone in May

Canopic Jars at Northern Clay in July

Beach fire at Cornucopia

Kayaking cousins on Lake Superior

Shooting The Mysteries on the beach

Spin Collective for The Mysteries on an August night

Minnesota State Fair w/Grandma

To Eleusis and Back Again on the Autumn Equinox

Silly Goose plays Amazing Grace

All dressed up for the Harvest Ball

Digital Kultur Master's Degree Celebration / Norwegian Costume Contest

Silly Goose Xmas Show at Beaner's

Link to a Holiday Message from Silly Goose

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