VenDen Remodel / Final Project Option

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Re-imagine the VenDen and See Your Vision Come To Life!
more info here:

Competition Timeline
Interest Notification: Monday, April 28, 2014
Design Presentations: Week of May 5-9, 2014
Winners Announcement: Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Information Meeting and Walk-Through
There will be informational meetings for interested teams in the VenDen, April 22 at 4:00pm, April 23 at 12:00pm and April 24 at 6:00pm. Though not mandatory, attendance at one of these meetings is strongly encouraged.

Some snapshots of VenDen in current state...IMG_0564.jpg

Spring Storm Warning = Class Online

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I'd love to see some progress on the Narrative project, even though the ridiculous weather has us working remotely on Wednesday April 16.

Art2016, 2pm class: Please email me at least 3 jpgs representing your progress/ work on the Narrative project. Do not send overly large or layered files. Save as jpgs or png files in a folder, compress or zip the folder and attach to an email to me.
Please send your email + images before 4pm today.
I will create a webgallery of all the images at 4pm and post a link to the blog.

Title the email:
Your name : Narrative Work in Progress
I will do my best to give you feedback. Include in the text of the email any questions or concerns about the project.

Thanks! Have a productive work session today!


People who want to use the classroom printer or mixed-media supplies will get time to do that NEXT Monday if needed. No worries, just work ahead on completing the 10 images to tell your story!

Please remember the instructions I gave for handing in the Narrative project NEXT WEEK Print out these in 11x17 horizontal format:
1. Pre-Production Plan
2. Storyboards
3. Post-Production Images

* Also have your final version in whatever size + format you want

Kathy McTavish / Origin of Birds at Prøve

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Kathy McTavish / Origin of Birds
Opening Reception at PROVE GALLERY
Prøve Collective
21 North Lake Avenue

Friday April 11th, 7-11 pm
with live music by the cosmic pit orchestra

Saturday April 12th, 3-6:30 pm

Open Gallery hours
Thur, Fri & Sat from 3-7pm

artist notes

The "origin of birds" exhibit at the Prøve includes a multimedia installation and interactive web site created by a film generator that I call the "graffiti angel." The origin of birds mixes image, sound, data, text and a live twitter stream to create a video collage / a multi-sensory torrent. The installation includes multiple projections, live performance, and QR code "portals" into an interactive web environment for viewers with mobile devices.

The Saturday workshop / discussion will take a look at creative transmedia / storytelling across boundaries. I will share examples of artists / writers working in this emerging form. We will talk about the confluence of technology and art - drilling into some of the tools used to create the exhibit including html5, css3, javascript and Adobe Creative Cloud editing software. The workshop will be accessible to everyone.

Creativity Conference lecture / April 2, 2014


Creativity Conference lecture tonight in MPAC

April 2, 2014 | 7:00 pm | Marshall Performing Arts Center
Jonah Lehrer and Dr. Martin Shapiro with Moderator Karen Sunderman, PBS 8/WDSE Producer. Freelance and science writer Jonah Lehrer has written for a wide variety of publications, including The New Yorker, Wired, The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Nature. A graduate of Columbia University, Lehrer studied 20th century literature and theology at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He is currently at work on a book about love, to be published by Simon & Schuster in 2015. Dr. Martin Shapiro is associate professor of psychology at California State University, Fresno. His primary research interest is the study of risky decision making in humans and non-human animals. For the past six years he has presented papers at the American Democracy Project Conference on teaching Global Challenges. During his visit to UMD, he'll speak about behavioral economics and risk, principles of learning and explosive-detecting animals, and developing curriculum around global challenges. Free and open to the public.

Extra Credit for attending / blogging about this special lecture: post to comments here

Recently viewed at Walker Art Center

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Hopper Drawing: A Painter's Process is the first major museum exhibition to focus on the creative practice of Edward Hopper (1882-1967). More than anything else, Hopper's drawings reveal the continually evolving relationship between observation and invention in the artist's work, and his abiding interest in the spaces and motifs--the street, the movie theater, the office, the bedroom, the road--that he would return to throughout his career as an artist.

Digital Narrative / Story Choices


Fairy tales and Myths can provide a rich starting point for a digital media project. Passed down from oral storytellers through literary traditions to new media, they are always altered by retelling to reflect the needs of the storyteller and the aesthetics of the time. Because the story is so well known, it can be altered significantly and still remain resonant and recognizable to the contemporary audience. Please select a story so old that it likely began in the oral tradition, rather than as a work of fiction by an individual author.

Please post to the blog here:
Your name / Your story choice / + How you may break down the tale into 10 key moments
What draws you to this tale (characters, setting, action, images)?
How will you update this tale for the digital age?

Miwa Matreyek - Visting Artist

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Miwa Matreyek - Visting Artist on March 11, 2014
Post to the blog for extra credit...
What impressed you about her performance?



Her work has been shown internationally at animation/film festivals, theater festivals, performance festivals, as well as art galleries, science museums, tech conferences, universities, and more.
Some past presentation include Sundance Film Festival, TEDGlobal, Anima Mundi Animation Festival, Time Based Arts Festival, REDCAT, MCASD, LACMA, ISEA conference, Theatre de la Cité, the Exploratorium, EXIT festival, Fusebox Festival, Questfest, Pixilerations, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, etc.

Matreyek received her MFA (2007) in Experimental Animation and Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts. She is one of the founding-member and core-collaborator of Cloud Eye Control:

Prisoner's Mixed-Media Image Transfer Art Project

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Talk about mixed-media mosaic:
The mural took three years to make and it is a meditation on heaven, hell, sin, redemption, celebrity worship, deprivation and the nature of perceived reality. Krimes says his "entire experience" of prison is tied up in the artwork.

Prisoner's 39-Panel Allegorical Mural Made From Bedsheets, Hair Gel and Stacks of Newspapers

Needed: Cat in the Hat

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The cat in the hat comes back 3.jpg

Remix Project / IMAGE BANK

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Use the end of this week to shoot photos or make drawings to include in the class Image Bank for the REMIX Project. Please gather, shoot, find or make images to contribute.
You must own the rights to the image... so no stealing, make them original.

EACH STUDENT will contribute an image into EACH of the Categories...

Do make sure that you title each of your images with topic_yourname.jpg.
Like this:

THE PUBLIC FOLDER will be called

Inside that will be 10 folders called:
personal art

We will begin work on the Remix Project NEXT WEEK on MONDAY.
Enjoy gathering your images, please upload them to the imagebank when you can!

The Roots of Remix / Dada, Surrealism, Collage

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The ABC's of DADA

A documentary-in-progress on the dada movement, titled, "Random Acts of Beauty: The Story of Dada."

Cut-Up Machine

Andre Breton / Electronic Poetry kit

Blog Assignment: Rip! A Remix Manifesto


Blog Assignment
Spring 2014 Digital Arts / Mixed-Media Studio:

We used to be able to watch this entire documentary film online... but now they are asking for donations. Please try to view full video.
RiP! A Remix Manifesto (it's about 86 minutes)

RiP: A Remix Manifesto from Laurent LaSalle on Vimeo.

Take notes on what you find most revealing or surprising about the contemporary practice of remix artists. Does the video raise issues about your own use of digital media... in your artwork or your life? How does the video relate to recent internet blackout/protest and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation? Do you side with the CopyLEFT or the CopyRIGHT?

Prepare your comments (about 150 words) and have them ready to post to the blog...

Paying Attention in Digital Times / Daniel Herwitz

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A couple of years back I found my child asleep in her bed, lying on her back. Her laptop was open on her stomach, screen saver flashing; her right hand clutched her cell phone to her ear. She had fallen asleep multi-tasking.
-- Daniel Herwitz

Paying Attention in Digital Times

Project #1 : Digital Mosaic Self-Portrait

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The body and identity have become prominent themes in the digital realm, centering on questions of how we define ourselves in virtual as well as networked physical space. While our physical bodies are still individual, physical objects, they have also become increasingly transparent; exact surveillance and identification seem to threaten the idea of individual autonomy... Our virtual existence suggests the opposite of a unified, individual body - multiple selves inhabiting mediated realities.
- Christiane Paul
author of Digital Art

Mosaic Project
This digital art project poses a question: What is portraiture in the digital age? Consider the history of portraiture, especially self-portraits by artists, and how the era is reflected in the style of the portrait. Some examples:

PREP: Bring to class your laptop, photoshop software, a folder of original digital images to use in photoshop collage. (new drawings, digital illustrations, photo files, fresh images of you and the textures, tools and objects that define your creative self.) All images must be original, no copyright conflicts.

Create a self-portrait that reflects your own identity as an artist in this contemporary age. Your portrait must also engage the concept of mosaic in digital media and should be assembled from multiple pieces that together form the whole. Allow the divisions between these pieces to play an active role in the image dynamics of the portrait. As tiled images these should reflect the multiplicity and fragmentation of personal identity in the digital age. Consider mixing traditional techniques (drawing, painting, etc) with digital techniques. Employ art principles to strengthen image unity (color, line, texture, etc). Assemble a dynamic image that contains both unity and surprise. Work at appropriate image resolution for quality output. Final work should be printed OR mounted to large scale (at least 20 inches in one direction.) Assemble mixed-media to highest quality final craft.

Mosaic Project Intro Slideshow / Low-rez

Recently Noticed > January 2014


Students: What new thing have you recently noticed in Digital Culture?

It could be a trend in social media, a special effect in film making, a behavior with digital devices, a new technology for creativity, a digital work of art you saw in a museum... or on the internet...or on the street. It should be something that ignites your curiosity about how humans and digital media interact...

You will post the short description of what you have recently noticed in Digital Culture... as a comment to this blog entry. In class I will show you how to post to the blog. (I need to approve your posts, so it's best to do it first in class) Please include the complete URL (http...) and tell us what you have noticed and credit your source. Thanks!

Blog Assignment : Digital Nation


Blog Assignment:
Please Watch this PBS FRONTLINE show Online
Digital Nation

Watch the entire 90 minute show in segments online.
Make notes on each topic segment...
Make notes and write a short reflection on what you found most interesting or surprising about the show. (about 150 words)

School of Fine Arts Dean on The Playlist

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Arts perspective from Bill Payne, Dean of UMD's School of Fine Arts, as 2014 begins. His vision includes dual tracks in academics and community engagement. Meet Bill Payne on The PlayList.

Emerging Photographers Exhibit

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Come out and support UMD photo students
Opening Thursday January 23, 5 - 7 PM

Emerging Photographers
Featuring Work from UMD's Photography Department
Sponsored by Jen Dietrich & Lew Connor
Corridor Gallery
January 23 - March 27, 2014
Gallery Celebration: January 23, 5 - 7 PM
Gallery Discussion: March 27, 5:30 PM

The Duluth Art Institute's annual Emerging Photographers show is a showcase for the amazing talents coming out of the University of Minnesota Duluth's Photography department. This year's participants are Sara Hughes, Daniel Badhwa, Lauren Budge, Jordan Hoeft, Dane Pedersen, Steve Pestalozzi, and Marissa Murdy. These seven students work in mediums as diverse as anthotypes and cyanotypes, black and white and color, applying their chosen medium to a diversity of subject matter is well worth a viewing.

Klip Collective Reel

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New Frontier at Sundance

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Public Domain / Resource Images

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Collections of films, audio, images and texts which are no longer protected by copyright. Trawling through the Internet Archive, Wikimedia Commons and other such sites, we bring you a continuously growing and curated slice of what the public domain has to offer. Most material featured is in the public domain worldwide but the rights status of some works (particular films) may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so do check before reusing.
- See more at:

More Image Transfer Techniques

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Postcard from the Future / digital compositing

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This blog collects info on how rising seas will affect any coastal city in the U.S.
Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.46.44 PM.png
The 100 Years Rising blog

BURN : an energy journal
BURN is a public radio show about energy and climate change around the world


What will Miami look like in 2100?

Surging Seas> data and maps
Map pages show threats from sea level rise and storm surge to all 3000+ coastal towns, cities, counties and states in the Lower 48. Click on a label to get started, or type a zip or name in the search box - See more at:

Use your imagination (and photoshop skills) to visualize a dystopian or utopian cityscape in the year 2100... Screen grab a photo of a coastal city on google street view...
Or find one on Wikimedia Commons (look for a public domain image)
then digital composite your postcard from the future...integrating water, wild life, urban decay...or engineering solutions to the changing environment.

What will Miami, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans...look like as seas rise? Will human culture adapt and continue to inhabit these locations...

Or will everyone flee the coastal zones and move to ... Duluth?
"This is where the talent wants to live"
A New Type of Growing City


Oliver Wasow / Photography

Postcards from the future / London:

Nickolay Lamm's images of the future

Also fun: Paradise Lost: Twisted Postcards From Dystopic Vacations

Filmmaker Alex Smith > Winter in the Blood screenings

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University of Minnesota Duluth is pleased to welcome filmmaker Alex Smith to Duluth for two sneak preview screenings of his newest film "Winter in the Blood," which is based on the novel by acclaimed author James Welch. Aspiring filmmakers, visual art students, cultural studies students... Don't miss this opportunity to meet Alex Smith and hear about the process of creating a feature film.

Picture 3.png

UMD students are encouraged to attend one of these screenings of Winter in the Blood, which also count for Art & Design students as Visual Culture Lecture Series:

2:00-4:00 pm on Sunday September 29:
Screening of Winter in the Blood and Q and A with filmmaker Alex Smith at Zinema in downtown Duluth. (Theater 1, seats 95)

4-6:00 pm on Monday September 30:
Screening of the film and Q and A with Alex in at the Weber Music Hall on UMD campus

Reception at the Tweed Museum of Art following the Monday afternoon screening.


Mixed-Media Paint and Photo

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"If I want to paint your portrait, I'm painting it on you -- physically on you. That also means you're probably going to end up with an ear full of paint because I need to paint your ear on your ear," says Alexa Meade.

Ars Electronica 2013 > art about memory

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The Festival Ars Electronica 2013 is all about memory and memories, how they are created, how they influence our lifes, why we keep them and what we do with them. It discusses the fundamental elements of human memory, reflects on the current state of data and takes a look into the future what memory is going to be like.

Check out the program on

more images on flickr

Remix Project / demo day

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The summer session remix project encourages you to make the work you want to make. The only rule is that you must incorporate a few images from the class image bank into your work. Plan to save and share multiple versions of your digital remix in process. You decide the full size and materials for the final version. Give yourself freedom to play with photoshop layers, hues, and other image adjustments. Test alternative inkjet transfer methods and materials for use in your remix of media.

The remix process can include experiments with digital compositing (combining 2 or more images from the image bank)...
or remixing textures from traditional media with digital media

Mosaic Project / inspiration

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Collage/Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova
view the artist's website here

Juxtapoz Magazine's Online Gallery

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Juxtapoz Magazine's Gallery section shows every single image on Juxtapoz in one place ...You can also filter by category or search for work by your favorite artist!
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.27.24 AM.png

Make New Mistakes

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Wisdom from Neil Gaiman while addressing college art grads:

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.

So that's my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody's ever made before. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.


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