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Rick Valicenti Lecture

Rick Valicenti. graphic designer
Tweed Lecture: 6:00pm, Tues, October 3
(Residency dates: October 2-4, 2006)

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Rick Valicenti's lecture was very amusing. I appreciated his outlook on graphic design and his views on happiness. One of the things that I liked the most during the lecture is the college pamphlet that he designed (or should I say put together). Insted of designing it himself he gave assignments to the different classes in the art school. These students came up with all these different things. Valicenti then put it all together. This shows great character because he put his ego aside and collaborated with the students who actually go there. Eventhough he is a famous designer, he still enlists the help of the students. I like that. He started the presentation saying you have got to be willing to do what you want to do yet balance that with what needs to be done. His work definately illustrates this point.

I really liked Mr. Valicenti's lecture! I was expecting an up tight guy, but he was joking around the whole time. My favorite part of the lecture was the "GOD" story at the end. The most interesting part of the speech was he paid the people $10 to come in and get there picture takin, the end result was all the people looking the same when meshed into one pic.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rick's lecture. I felt/feel enthusiasm to design: his enthusiasm is contagious. His designs included simple and complex, colorful and black and white. Plus he writes code! You can tell he truly has passion, or as we say at our firm, "fire in his belly." I also was excited to hear he uses In-Design and Illustrator, as we are moving to those progams this month. I was pleased he elaborated on his "Suburban Maul" piece from his website, as I wanted to hear the concept behind it.

I had fun at Rick's lecture. I was initially confused with his style, but came to understand his sense of humor and creativity which was then displayed in his work. I was really inspired by his demonstration of the faces and how relatively we are all alike. His pamphlet made for CCS was especially original, involving the students and representing their perspectives of the school was a lot more respectable instead of creating an inaccurate vision. Overall, his innovation really surprised and motivated me.

I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti's lecture! He seems like a nice guy who is very down to earth. I love how he has so much passion for what he does. I loved hearing about all of his crazy ideas and how he keeps his interns busy. It was a pleasure seeing him at Tweed and I can only hope to see him again in the future.

Rick's lecture was amazing! When I first looked at the web pages I was a little confused just because I had no idea what some of his work was about; I had no idea how to explain it. Some of it I still have no idea, but Rick didn't seem to either. I love that he can just grab his sketchbook and doodle down ideas and put them to work. He is by far the most orignal designer I have encountered. I thought his early digital works were amazing because a lot of it just seemed like he was way before his time. For instance, the woman with the eyes popping out was one of his firsts when the internet wasn't very popular and there were hardly any webpages, it seemed so modern for that time period. My favorite part of the lecture was when he basically made the college students create their own booklet for high school students. I totally agree with him, why should someone be hired to create a college booklet for a school he never attended; it just doesn't make sense. By him doing that, the booklet was so personal, and that way prospective students have a feel of what real students do because it's right there in front of them. As Rick said, "No more lies." Thanks Rick, I feel so motivated!

I thought that Rick's lecture was very interesting, especially because what he does is almost exactly what i would someday be interested in doing. I think that his G.O.D. analogy was funny and yet very true, because in my own work, I have noticed that you do kind of just have to go for it and do whatever feels right at the time, no matter what. I initially thought that it was going to be a waste of time and that I would be sitting through a boring 2 hour lecture on what to do and what not to do as a graphic designer, and I was thoroughly enthralled throughout his entire lecture. I think that he is a very “out of the box� kind of guy and I find that comforting. I also thought that it was weird and yet cool that he paid people 10 dollars to take photo of them, put them together, to find that they all are the exact same… cool!

I was quite entertained by Rick Valicenti's presentation tonight. I didn't realize that Valicenti has quite the history of working in the field of art. I enjoyed the variety of work that Valicenti has done. He has designed magazine spreads to designing dorms and creating a new style of text. One piece of work that I especially enjoyed learning about tonight was the Pepsi and Coke cans put in binary code to the book of Genesis. How does someone come up with an idea like that? Now the book of Genesis can be read in Pepsi and Coke cans. Hearing about this was quite entertaining along with the humorous jokes and comments thrown in.

"Sometimes you are the mirror, sometimes you are the reflection, and sometimes you are the provider." Rick Valicenti's insight on design and the different thinking processes that are complied to express an idea or feeling can be wrapped up in one of his opening statements. I appreciated his sense of humor behind his work. The chair made out of gum, the g.o.d. analogy, sending an intern out on tasks that he didn't even know where they were going, and the many other examples created a new life behind designs. This is exactly why I decided to major in graphic design. I want a career where I can have fun! Rick confirmed that design is what you make of it and all you need to do is block fear, relax, and let yourself go!

I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti’s lecture tonight. He was very down to earth for having such a successful and important life. I really enjoyed how he incorporated humor into the lecture and into his works. I admire the fact that he toughed it out through 50 plus interviews and was still able to keep going with his career. I know if I was turned down that many times, I would become a hermit and live in the mountains! I thought that his pearls of wisdom for design students were very helpful, though short and sweet. My favorite piece of advice that he gave was, “Walk your own path�, and to me that means to never be afraid to show your own creativeness and if others don’t appreciate it, they can look away. Thanks so much to Mr. Valicenti for coming to UMD and sharing his wonderful works.

Rick Valicenti is a gifted speaker who takes the time out of his busy schedule to enlighten students in the art field about being successful. This appeals to me. He was very creative about how he used the slides to guide him in his speach but didn't type out what he was going to say. He kept the audience entralled by using his spontaneous humor and just plain "being real". It was impressive to have him tell the audience the the ten lesson, which I know I will now refer to when doing a project. It was amazing to see his work and what he does. I am proud to see that one American has actually done something with all his crazy/entertaining ideas(i.e. the gum chair). I think this was a superb chance to really find out how a designer operates. I'm really pleased that SFA of UMD had choosen such a wonderful, entertaining speaker.

I enjoyed Rick Valicenti's lecture. I really liked his style of art. I also thought it was really cool that he designed labels for in living color, because i used to watch that show when i was younger. I like how he had his intern go around and take pictures of houses and signs and then put them together to create new meanings. it was really interesting and creative. Overall i really liked his whole presentation.

Overall I was impressed with Rick’s lecture. His presentation was funny and gave me a positive outlook on digital design. I really liked his explanation on the naked woman he photographed. He really knows how to communicate with his audience and I think that’s really cool. He cared what we thought and made everyone laugh. I also really liked a question he answered for a student near the end of the presentation. Someone asked if he ever gets creative blocks, and how he gets rid of them. His answer was actually kind of surprising. He said something along the lines of letting go of fear…if you let go of fear everything good comes in. That really made me think about why I get creative blocks, and that maybe it is because of fear.
Rick sounds like he’s very passionate in what he does and it really makes me want to learn more about digital imagery and design.

I thought he was pretty interesting. Not super great, but interesting enough. I was actually impressed with some of his insights about creativity. "We are here to create, that's all". I thought that was pretty cool.
I often struggle with something I felt from him though. He was very enamored of the technique. That's a hard one for me to buy into, as an artist. It's not really about the technique, it's about what you use that technique to express. Art isn't what happens when you know all the tricks, it's what happens when you find a deeper meaning that maybe you can't express any other way, and you use the tricks to get it out of your mind, and share it with the world around you.
I'm not a graphic designer, though, so I don't always fully engage in the medium. I appreciate the creative drive, and the work, and the genuine talent, but I am not fully a convert yet.

I was really suprised to enjoy ricks lecture, i expected it to be like most lectures i have been to. He was energetic and you could really tell he had passion for what he does and is very good at it. He made the whole thing fun to attend. I thought the most interesting part was the ad in the magazine to pay everyone 10$ to come down and take a picture and in the end he combined them all together and ended up looking like the main picture!!

Rick's lecture was very informative and gave a good insight into some of the different design processes, like his term "Think of a question and answer it visually," it sounds pretty basic but it made sense to me. I also thought it was pretty genius/funny that he and his team reprogammed things in the adobe software that they didn't like rather than waiting for one of the newer versions that seem to come out every couple months.

I really liked Rick's lecture. I went in thinking it was going to be boring but he really surprised me. I was interested the whole time and loved his personality. He work was really amazing like the gum chair. What I thought was interesting how in some of his work it took little effort to do. Like the pop cans replacing letters and how it only took an hour to program it and then once it was programed, only took 15 minutes. I also really liked how he had his intern go around town and take pictures of gorgeous homes and advertisements and then placed them together. It was very creative and funny. All in all I loved all of his work and am very glad I had this opertunity to go to his lecture. I like hearing about someone who has such a passion for something and does amazing work.

I found Ricks wisdom very inspireing. I do not plan on making a career of being a graphic designer but the insight was helpful. I want to be an Art Educator and also hopefully somday a professional working artist, and hearing his experiences from art buissness gave me renewed hope of achieving that goal. I also loved his analogy of how to get passed a creative block and his G.O.D. analogy. He is a very talented, and inspireing designer.

Ricks lecture made me kind of excited. I always thought that computer graphics was more of a job, and he made I seem more like art or studio art in a sence that the deadlines wheren't as important as the artwork you are doing. I'm sure that also came with time but it gave me a better outlook on the graphic arts world. I really liked a number of his works and I am happy that we were required to go. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of art that I haven't pay much attention to.

I was very impreessed and also intrigued by Rick Valicenti's casual way of going about his designs. Like he had said, "All the answers are right there for us, all we have to do is eliminate the fear we have, and just relax." To have looked at all his work online and wonder to myself how he came up with the concept of these designs and then actully hear him talk about it was very interesting to me. I like how he came up with his ideas from the most random things. I feel that I have gained insight to the visual world around me.

I was so relieved that Rick's lecture was not only not a bore, but extremely informative. His suggestion on how to concur the nightmare that plauges every art and design student known as "creative block". I was also extremely excited to hear him nay-say the concept that the ideas that come to fast are no good, because too many times i have thrown away ideas due to that myth. He was also the one of the funniest speakers i have ever had the pleasure of hearing and being a part of.

I enjoyed Rick's lecture immensely. With his energetic delivery and humorous anecdotes.. you didn't even notice nearly two hours had gone by! One of his projects that I really enjoyed was the "Is This You?" ad that he showed us; how all of the pictures of the participants, when placed on top of one another, looked exactly like the illustration in the paper. I really respect the guy; he's out there doing his thing and is able to make his ideas flow seamlessly from his mind to the page.. and he makes it look so easy! I was very much inspired by the spontaneous yet passionate approach he took to his artwork.

Rick's lecture was actually really interesting for me. I enjoyed seeing his perspective... Someone who has been involved in, and influential in, so many aspects of design. He has a lot more experience than i thought, and I really like how he is influenced by other's art, and inspired. He learns from everything and everyone, and that gives him an edge. One thing i learned is that quick ideas are often the best, and you can confidently go with them. I often try to wait for an amazing idea. That can be crippling to productivity. Overall I am glad i went, and learned a lot. DF

Mr. Valicenti's was a very entertaining man!!! I really loved his lecture! I really enjoyed seeing how he used humor to lighten that atmospher while he lextured. The best part was the "G.O.D." part in his lexture. Everything he said about G.O.D. did not only make sense; it was very funny!!! The most interesting part I feel of the lexture was what he did with coke zero, pepsi cans with the old testament...I thought it was very crafty but it also confussed me a little, but it was great!!!

The Coke Zero/Pepsi One thing was great! What an imaginative guy. Did anyone else think that Mr. Wayans must be some kind of jerk for not even getting up from his bench to check out Rick's designs!? I got a little lost in the last part of his lecture. Whatever that data entry thing was, probably a cool thing, but i couldn't hear him too well off the microphone. Funny GOD story. He certainly references the bible a lot in his work. I wonder if he's religious or just trying to make a statement?

I have never been to see a speaker like Rick Valicenti. I was incredibly inspired by everything he had to say. However, the most helpful part to me actually came during the Q & A session when he began discussing creative blocks. Put everything into production, good, bad, ugly..it doesn't matter. There are always more ideas and endless variations on those ideas. As someone who is new to graphic design, that really helped me feel more confident in my ability to produce meaningful and well constructed designs.

I had no idea what to expect from this lecture, but now understand why it was stressed by so many of my instructors to attend. Rick Valicenti was far more established than i had originally thought and once he commented that he had been taught by the man who invented the "I I had no idea what to expect from this lecture, but now understand why it was stressed by so many of my instructors to attend. Rick Valicenti was far more established than i had originally thought and once he commented that he had been taught by the man who invented the "I love NY" logo, i knew the scale of his experience. I admit i was a little intimidated by his years of experience, but i related to his experience with binding and putting together his own books because i have been experimenting with the concept of "altered books" for a while, and it was one of the high school assignments that led me to graphic design. Overall i found his lecture very beneficial.

i thought the lecture was surprisingly very interesting. I went into it, wanting it to be over before it started. But as soon as rick started, I became intrigued. I felt so lucky I could listen to someone so accomplished in a lecture. His views were really interesting on all of his pieces. Also, I was surprised just how personal all of his work was. It seemed as though everything he put into a piece, symbolized something. I like to do things like that in my work, but quite a few people put in just what looks good. And he really seemed to put his heart and soul into his pieces. I really respected him for all the thought processes he must go through for each project.

This was my first experience going to a guest lecture that was for a specific art. Usually I see educational, or historical lectures. I love Rick, he had such charisma and so much to tell about his work; and in great detail too. I love the way he explained the creation thought of a design and how to get through the process of being stumped on a design. It was rather comical and yet very true and ideal. I became much more inspired to push my artistic skills especially in Photography to another level. I hope to see more lectures on visual art and others as well in the years to come.

Before attending the lecture I kind of thought that since Rick is a professional designer, he might be kind of big headed and arrogant but I was completely wrong. I thought what Rick had to say was very interesting and motivating. Hearing his opinions on all his work was really cool becasue you got to hear what he was thinking when he actually designed each individual project. My favorite part was when he showed the pictures of all the people who arrived in order just to earn ten dollars. At the end when he combined each face it was amazing to see how similar they all were. His solution for when you get a "block" was interesting and enlightening. It's good to know it happens to all of us even some of the best.

all of rick's images were very energetic. There wasn't one taht didn't give me a sharp, emotional response; reacting internally and sometimes even externally. However, that was not the highlight for me. my favorite part about the experience was just listening to him talk. He was such an oddball from his appearance to his words to his hilarious laugh. I felt like I was laughing the entire time. He definintely met the energy in the room, captured it, and elevated it. There were times I was just watching and listening to him talk and had a huge smile on my face which I could only hope he received. He was just plain silly. I think at some point, everyone there said to themselves, holy shit, i'm pretty sure he just tapped into my brain.

Rick's lecture on Tuesday was wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing all of his different works and some of his projects. I loved the way he explained, with energy and excitement about all of his works. I am excited to see more work coming from him. I also loved the way he talked about how to get over a block; that was a real eye opener. I hope that Rick comes back to UMD for another lecture sometime within the next couple of years so I can attend again!

I really enjoyed Rick's lecture. There are always key philosophical phrases that seem to stick with me throughout life. I wrote a few down that i feel hit home for me that rick mentioned:

- Invest in yourself

- Sometimes you will be working for people that have what you perceive to be terrible taste; you just need start your ideas at a differant place than normal. This i believe is very important;as easy as it is to just say, "you don't get it. this is good stuff!" working and understanding the clients will either make or break your efforts in trying to sell what you are doing.

-Go with your first idea
I have been told several times in my short bout of playing artist, that your first ideas aren't the best; they are too obvious. And i always thought that was kind of dumb, but i believed it anyway. However, all it did for me was make fear in myself that my idea weren't any good.... ever. I really feel that Rick's confidence in his, sometimes wacky ideas is really refreshing and inspiring.

Thanks Rick!

I really enjoyed Rick's lecture. It was very entertaining and he is an awesome speaker. The project he did when he put an ad in the paper of a discription of himself to search for people that looked like him was an interesting project. I really liked how he combined all the faces and the outcome of it. I also really like his taste in design. It is bright and refreshing. I took alot from this lecture.

As I was sitting, waiting for Rick's presentation to start I just had this feeling that I was in for something good. Something to do with the vibe, how excited Rob seemed, and the production of it all. Then when Rick started talking I was glued to him. With most speakers i tend to go out to lunch, so to speak, as they drone on, but Rick's personality and sense of humor were very attractive. I found his ideas very creative and idealistic. Even when he didn't know quite what was going to come of his work, his mind twisted ideas around and turned it into something thought provoking. For example, his concept of "haven't you ever seen someone who looks like you?" I laughed to myself because I have and it was rather startling...but anyway when he overlayed all the mugshots he'd taken over on each other and compared it to his created mugshot his assumption proved correct and i thought that was an exercise of a great idea. He had in depth knowledge of the world and human relations and it showed in the intrigue of his design. I noticed excellent use shape, great text intelligence, and balanced space to name a few. He was very inspiring and gave great advice during the Q and A period. Rick said many things that made me evaluate my take on design in a constructive way and, like he said, that's the big idea.

I thuroughly enjoyed this lecture. I especially liked his God refrence/story (greatest of creators), I found it very amusing and quite smart. It was refreshing to see such dedication to his work. One of my favorite pieces he presented was the soda can translation of the book of genisis. I also liked his description of how he gets rid of artistic blocks...eliminating fear. I only wish i could have gone to the critiques today.

Anyone who left Rick's lecture without taking anything with them probably wasnt listening. Between his visuals and his wit it was very entertaining and informational. What particularly caught my eye was they way he orchestrated the detroit design schools brochure. Having the students work and words as the key element made it appear very real. The final product convinced me to look into it. His knowledge in typefaces is also remarkable. I knew that typefaces were important but what i didnt realize that the slightest details can make a font. He didnt directly say that, but i noticed it in the font apex. I enjoyed it alot.

Rick Valicenti's lecture was very well presented and up beat. He kept the audience interested at all times and just really knew how to present all of his information. I was very amazed by how well known of designer he really is. I could not believe that he was apart of designs for so many big time places such as Gary Fischer, In Living Color, and my favorite ESPN the magazine. It was very nice to have him here and I hope he knows how much we all apreciate him being here.

Rick Valicenti's lecture was so captivating. His work is absolutely amazing, and I had no idea how prestigious his work was among the graphic design community. I was very inspired by Rick's lecture, especially when he told us that all we need to do as artists is to get past the fear, because once we get past the fear and we stop over-analyzing the work we do, we are able to express ourselves more freely and creatively. Rick's witty and humerous remarks about the inspiration for his artwork were even greater motivation for me. Even the project he had his intern do with the fancy homes and store signs helped me to think on an entirely new creative level. I benefitted so much from attending this lecture. I really appreciate that he took the time to come to UMD to talk to us.

Rick Valicenti's lecture was very interesting. I loved how he was always making his audience laugh by joking around or by telling his "GOD" story, which was my favorite. I didn't realize how big of a designer he really is. It's amazing....He gave a great presentation, i really enjoyed it!

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thank u

Listening to Rick Valicenti’s lecture in the Tweed was inspiring. I enjoyed how he told us about his past, and also current projects. He has designed many things surrounding us today. My favorite was that he designed some of the Gary Fisher mountain bike logos. I found it refreshing when he told the audience about not working on the weekends. It goes to show how important it is to take a break and feel refreshed the next day!

I was intrigued by Rick Valicenti's lecture. I was very interested in his work. I had not seen it before and I was very inspired by it! It seemed very evident that he was passionate about what he does and what he has done. He was also very easy to listen to and even somewhat amusing! Seeing his work and listening to him talk about different projects he has worked on, or is currently involved in, made me even more excited to pursue a career in graphic design. I do not think I could pick just one piece or one project of Rick Valicenti's that I liked above another, however I really liked the murals that he worked on for each floor of a school. The one he showed us in his slide show was a collage-like mural of a lot of fashion images. I really appreciated Rick Valicenti's lecture, and walked away with a lot of information as well as inspiration.

I absolutely loved Rick Valicenti's lecture. I thought he just seemed like an amazing and down-to-earth designer/artist/person-in-general. I checked out his work beforehand and was intrigued by everything so I thought it was really interesting to hear what each piece actually signified and how he put each one together. It's inspiring for such a "big-name" designer to come to UMD and tell us about his accomplishments. I left his lecture with a whole new perspective on what I'm going to do in the future with my art and the way I view everything. I thank him so much for that.

Rick Valicenti seems to be a hilarious designer with many gifted ideas and a portfolio to show those ideas off. It shows me exactly what i'd like to someday accomplish. He speaks down to earth, and on the same wavelength as everyone it seems. I especially liked his analogy about god creating the earth with his "group of designers". He also gave great advice about 'artists block'; "eliminate all fear and all the good will come through, relax!" He appears to love his job and i hope someday i can say the same.

Overall, I was very impressed by Mr. Valicenti's lecture. In my life so far, I have recognized that I ENJOYED art, but never took the personal initiative to create art myself...until this year. I am grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to the ideas and opinions of professional artists like Mr. Valicenti. I was motivated and inspired by Mr. Valicenti's fresh ideas, his humor and charisma, and they way it seemed like in the end, he had a creative solution to any problem. His message, "invest in yourself" was very striking to me. It made me realize how valuable my interdisciplinary liberal arts education really is and how I can incorporate art in tandem with other disciplines I've studied. I really enjoyed seeing his work and hearing everything he had to say. Thank you Mr. Valicenti for taking the time to speak with us!

I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti's lecture. He is an amazing and inspirational designer. I was amazed to learn that he used to work for a steel company and still became one of the best designers in the world.

i really like rick speech so to say he really mad me want to be a graphic designer evern more. and i liked all the humor he put in to it. i hope one day i can be that good at the job

Wow. I have to say that Rick Valicenti's lecture was extremely amusing! I loved his personality and his outlook on design. One thing I really liked about it was that he was against selling out. I would love to someday do the kind of freelance design that Rick does!

I enjoyed Rick's lecture very much. His enthusiasm for his job really shows through in his work. He has so many creative ideas and gave all of us excellent advice to help get rid of and prevent artistic blocks. I like that he is able to use initial ideas that he has and that he is ready and willing to make changes to improve his pieces. Rick is an incredible designer and his lecture inspired me and gave me the motivation to get past fear and relax so my creativity can shine through.

I really enjoy looking through Ricks "Emotion as Promotion" website. The design techniques that he uses really force me to take a second look and see the design through a different perspective. The images have an underlying sense that is enjoyable to observe.

Rick Valicanti's lecture was wonderful. I envisioned it as boring at first because it would be one person talking about their work and their life. Rick mixed it up. He added many spontaneous comments and his own humor to the lecture. One of my favorite pieces was the Wrigley gum throne. It had over 18,000 pieces. I also liked the process that he went through to prove that there's "a little bit of me in everyone."

Rick Valicenti's presentation was a great insight into what a day in a graphic designers life is like. He's always got several projects going and it sounds like he has a normal work day/week; unlike Kurt's days somedays. He was a good speaker and the lecture was very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti’s lecture. His style of art is obviously influenced quite a bit by the digital world around us. The way that he composes some of his work, was very interesting. It was obvious that Rick had a passion for his work and for good reason. I specifically liked the story about the houses, and how he and his interns “labeled� them. This created something that was funny but true in a very meaningful way. After his lecture I really thought about what it means to be an artist and how you can adapt your own artistic style to all of your work. I know that he sticks to designing what he wants to because he was turned down so many times in his own career. This just proved to me how passionate and enthralled he is in his work, it motivates me in my own work.

I really enjoyed Rick Valicenti's work. I was unable to attend the lecture but I had a chance to look at his stuff online. You can see a lot of enthusiasm and passion in his work. There were a lot of things that I liked and maybe try and develope into my style. Great inspiration.

I really enjoyed Rick Valicent's lecture and work. He seemed so passionate and free about what he does. Knowing that he did projects just for the fun of it and not the money made me really appreciate his work. Rick's views on the business and humor were so fresh and I really took a lot in from his lecture. Thanks Rick for come to UMD!

Mr. Valicent’s work is extremely empowering! I was unable to attend the lecture but just from looking at his work online I can feel how connected with his work he is and how inspiring he is not only to me but everyone that truly looks at his art. Thanks for making me see what is possible and how to really break that barrio between good and amazing. Mr. Valicent’s work truly moved me to want to be better at what I am learning! Thank you!

Simply epic. Not only enjoyable, but highly informative- not to mention a rare glimpse into the vivacious personality behind (and within) such legendary designs.

hello, UMD
jo ellen and rob suggested i check out your blog and experience your reaction to my tueday night presentation. thank you all so much for giving' it up to me on line as your responses have rewarded my experience in your presence and made it special. i feel very good right now. rv 10.06.06

Rick's lecture was amazing! His process and style have inspired me to think beyond what I would normally look at as art. I really enjoyed his work with the large houses, and also with the faces. I was also inspired by his advice on getting over an artistic block. His lecture was truly wonderful! I am excited to see more work from him in the future.

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