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Attend this Lunch and Talk
Lake Superior Advertising Federation
with guests from
John Sayles and Sheree Clark
Tuesday, May 13th
11:45 am
Tweed Museum of Art, UMD Campus
Cost is $10 for students

YOU MUST RSVP by this Friday, May 9th.
RSVP to Jen Walker at (218) 722-4421 or at


Lunch and Talk was an inspiring unique experience to find out what people are doing in the design world that have been in a design job. Rather than hearing about the world where students are just getting out into the job. It was a nice reality where we could see how people could get along in a certain environment

The designs they had created where refreshing because of the “vintage style� they had used for their creations or just what they used for everyday. There business was successful because of the work that they did they really put out for everyone to see and didn’t waste time in trying to find ways to get there work out there even if it means not getting any money for the business for it.

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