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May 23, 2008

The Invention of Hugo Cabret


I love this book, which I just read out loud to my son. Paris, train stations, automatons, and the early magic of cinema. How can you go wrong?

This 526-page book is told in both words and pictures. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is not exactly a novel, and it's not quite a picture book, and it's not really a graphic novel, or a flip book, or a movie, but a combination of all these things. Each picture (there are nearly three hundred pages of pictures!) takes up an entire double page spread, and the story moves forward because you turn the pages to see the next moment unfold in front of you.
(from the website for the book)

And this collection from the Getty:
Devices of Wonder

Visionary Landscapes > ELO

ELO = Electronic Literature Organization
The Electronic Literature Organization 2008 conference will be held May 29 - June 1 2008, in Vancouver, Washington, USA (not to be confused with Vancouver, British Columiba, Canada).

VISIONARY LANDSCAPES :: Conference Presenters

Rob Wittig will be presenting and I'll be attending workshops and lectures on digital media art and literature.

the elo logo was designed by Rick Valicenti

May 14, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg, American Artist, Dies at 82 - New York Times

Robert Rauschenberg was discussed in Digital Studio recently, his hybrid artworks were a brilliant predecessor of the current photoshop layered collage aesthetic. Here is one from 1963...

No, not digital art, this is silk screen and mixed media.

i love typography

15 Great Examples of Web�Typography | i love typography, the typography blog

Brush up on typography this summer...
play the font game
and use
What the Font?!
to help you identify those hard to match typefaces

Design History Links

Women's Design History Project

sometimes a difficult topic to research, this archive makes it easier!

found via this excellent Design History Page

and thoughts on new books on the subject

May 13, 2008

MaternaCord Commercial

YouTube - MaternaCord Commercial

Perhaps the art student at Yale would have had more success if she had taken a comic approach?

New Twist on Body Art

Yale Senior's 'Abortion Art' Whips Up Debate, Protests - washingtonpost.com

“The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body,? Yale spokeswoman Helaine Klasky said in a written statement e-mailed to the News this afternoon.



May 12, 2008

UMD Cribs (MTV Parody)


this is the best tour of UMD ever!

Documenting Place > GD1 Final Project

Teams comprised of four Graphic Design 1 students set out to investigate and document mile long stretches of the Duluth Landscape. Teams selected their own locations and designated roles for the project > project manager, typographer, photographer and illustrator. Each team will create a final work that communicates an experience of place. Materials and techniques may be experimental, but the work must be at least 12 feet in one direction. The collaborative work should demonstrate the principles of unity and surprise.

May 9, 2008


Students were offered several choices for final projects in Digital Studio Class...

Some selected to continue working with an image bank to generate a series of Digital Remix images.
Others wanted to investigate new materials and processes using tactile media.
A few students crafted their own limitations with the goal of creating a fresh body of work.


Jaclyn Halla from new body of work

Digital Narrative Projects

Fairy tales provide a rich starting point for a digital media project. Passed down from oral storytellers through literary traditions to new media, they are always altered by retelling to reflect the needs of the storyteller and the aesthetics of the time. Because the story is so well known, it can be altered significantly and still remain resonant and recognizable to the contemporary audience.

Spring 2008 Digital Studio 1 students worked in teams to develop new versions of well worn tales. After presentation of individual storyboards and design concepts, students voted on the best ideas to move forward on. Teams generated 10 images that could tell their updated fairy tale or myth. Results took a range of final output formats, from digital movies to hand bound books.

Rumplestiltskin story images
by Jared Wick, Kevin Kramer and Max McGruder

image by Jared Wick


Attend this Lunch and Talk
Lake Superior Advertising Federation
with guests from
John Sayles and Sheree Clark
Tuesday, May 13th
11:45 am
Tweed Museum of Art, UMD Campus
Cost is $10 for students

YOU MUST RSVP by this Friday, May 9th.
RSVP to Jen Walker at (218) 722-4421 or at

May 7, 2008

The Cans Festival in London


The Cans Festival

Banksy's Cans Festival, a three day graffiti art extravaganza happened this past weekend in London. Work will be visible in London for the summer... if you pass through, check it out.

May 5, 2008


Duluth Art Institute presents:
the exhibit runs Mar 6 – Jun 24, 2008

Opening Reception
Fri May 9, 2008 5-7pm

This show features some ambitious UMD students

from the DAI website:
The work of these student photographers transcends the usual perception of “student work? and their ability to participate competently in this type of exhibition reflects highly on the strength of the photography program in the Department of Art and Design at UMD.

May 1, 2008

: ( No Digital Art Camp Summer 08

We are very sorry to announce that we are unable to offer Digital Art Camp at UMD this summer ...
The past two summers of experimental art and music have been wonderful, largely due to the terrific participants. Unfortunately, the repurposing of our computer lab and summer school funding made it very difficult for us to offer the camp this summer. We hope to revisit our options for bringing Digital Art Camp back next year.


For more info about past digital art camps please visit the website: http://www.d.umn.edu/~jrock2/artcamp/