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February 24, 2010

Women's (ART) Work


Women's Work
Published: February 12, 2010
The Whitney Biennial's title, "2010," suggests that the art of the moment has achieved gender equality, even if the market for it has not.

February 22, 2010

Augmented Reality Biz Card

February 20, 2010

Posters of Protest + Persuasion + Pride

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Just Seeds

Docs Populi - documents for the public

Renee Wanner's Poster page

Hungarian Posters

Posters in Action

Decade of Protest > exhibition held at Track 16 Gallery

Graphic Witness

Art of Democracy

Powers of Persuasion

February 18, 2010

WOW meets Bosch

Thumbnail image for garden.jpg

Digital artwork by Robert Nideffer, inspired by Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights and The Temptation of St. Anthony. Nideffer works with virtual environments and behavior, interface theory and design, technology and culture, game studies.

February 17, 2010

Digital Graffiti

Digital Graffiti at the Olympic Village from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

February 11, 2010

Visual Music



Center for Visual Music is a nonprofit film archive dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and avant-garde media. CVM is commited to preservation, curation, education, scholarship, and dissemination of the film, performances and other media of this tradition, together with related historical documentation and artwork.

February 9, 2010

The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator

For fun
The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator

February 5, 2010

Twit Dress


Imogen Heap's 'Twitdress'

...the necklace was a digital sign displaying messages that her fans were writing on to her Twitter profile. Those tweets were relayed to her jewellery through a wireless router -- equipment that provides an internet connection -- embedded inside her black dress.


Vending Machine Art

What is an Art-o-mat?
Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are 82 active machines in various locations throughout the country. What do you get from an Art-o-mat? The experience of pulling the knob alone is quite a thrill, but you also walk away with an original work of art. What an easy way to become an art collector. http://www.artomat.org/


In Minneapolis, the mission of Altered Esthetics' art vending machine is to make affordable artwork from local, national, and international artists accessible to everyone. Altered Esthetics' art vending machine is also a great opportunity to help artists promote and expose their artwork to the public.

see A Brief History of Art Vending Machines

Even book arts are available in vending machines ... Read this blog

February 2, 2010

Digital Nation on PBS > watch it online

In Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier, FRONTLINE presents an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world. Please watch this!
Of special interest to our class is the part about Virtual Worlds.


February 1, 2010

Digital Art Exhibits at Winter Olympics


CODE: Connect. Create. Collaborate.
The Cultural Olympiad's digital edition, CODE stakes out a space in the digital realm where audiences and artists can connect, create and collaborate. Code Live is an 18-day, landmark event with visual art exhibitions, music and performances fuelled by digital technology and audience involvement. It begins February 4 and runs through February 21.


Montreal-based electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer creates interactive installations that seek to provide critical platforms for public participation. Using 20 large robotic searchlights around English Bay, the canopy of the Vancouver sky is transformed by the local audience or individuals worldwide who design their own patterns via a website.


See if you can participate...
Q: When I can I send a design?
A: Designs will officially be accepted from February 4 to 28, 2010. There may be a beta test period a couple of days before illumination to ensure everything functions properly. Please return to vancouver2010.com/code to participate.


2010 Whitney Biennial

2010Biennial at the Whitney Museum in NYC

Inside Art
Reality Leaves a Fingerprint on the Biennial
Published: December 11, 2009
In these recessionary times, the 2010 edition of the Whitney Biennial will be smaller than it has been in recent years, with just 55 artists.

Current digital arts exhibitions are accessible here, as are past exhibitions, such as the Whitney Biennial Internet art projects. A collection area archives the works of net art and digital art in the Whitney Museum's holdings, including Douglas Davis' The World's First Collaborative Sentence, the first work of Internet art acquired by the Whitney Museum in 1995.