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Yeti Film Festival

Yeti Film Festival Submissions Due!!
When > Friday, Feb 12, 2010
Where > KPB Office (115 Kirby Student Center)

Five Categories:
30-Second Shorts = Exactly 30 Seconds
Library Category = About / Take Place in the Library

PRIZES: Best of Show : $500 Best Buy Gift Card Second Best of Show : $250 Best Buy Gift Card **BEST OF SHOW IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN A CATEGORY* First in Category : $150 Best Buy Gift Card Second in Category : $75 Best Buy Gift Card Third in Category : $50 Best Buy Gift Card Best of 30-Second Shorts : $50 Best Buy Gift Card ----------------------------------

Submissions Due February 12th. Please place DVD in the submission box on Max Melby's Desk. Email Max with questions at melby083@d.umn.edu ---------------------------------

Submission Guidelines: You can enter a maximum of two separate categories and one 30-second short, but only one entry is required.

Time Limit:
10 minutes (excluding 30 second shorts) Follow the UMD student conduct code: No excessive / over the top foul language (you've got a diverse audience) If someone is drinking in the film, they need to be over 21 Reasonable limitations on violence and gore. ----------------------------------

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