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ReKnit Tales > Wearable Art Brainstorm

ReKnit Tales is a collaborative project which will include work by digital artists who
are creating new versions of well known tales. The works may take the form of digital stories that can be viewed on small electronic devices which can be embedded into wearable upcycled fashions (hoodies, sweaters, vests, aprons, hats, handbags...that have been modified into artworks).

Students : think about your own approach to this project.
You may use the story you have already worked on, or another story of your choosing. You must transform ( up-cycle) a wearable object with images or attach a device for viewing images of your story. You might experiment with portable devices, augmented reality, or digital image transfer onto tactile materials. The digital stories could take various forms, from intimate slideshows embedded into clothing to large screen projections for a live fashion show event. We can ALSO test using the marker system in SnapDragonAR to make quicktime movies and images viewable on the wearable artworks.


Madalyn Wade
Princess and the Pea
Wearable Story

A large part of the story is the image of mattresses. A lot of mattresses are white with a pale blue pin stripe, a lot a pin striped mens dress shirt. I would like to take a dress shirt and create an item of clothing, also on this item ironing on images from the story. Also creating pieces that work with the story and the colors within it such as a crown or jewelry. I would also like to create something to digitally display a slide show of the images on an ipod.

For my tactile remix I am going to stay with the fairy tale The Golden Key. In the movie we made, the theme of dark lighting, the color black red and gold were very prominent which is where I drew my inspiration from. I hope to make a black dress using iron on transfers to create bullet wounds, with a zipper up the back that will be gold with the key as the zipper. I also hope to make a matching pair of earrings to complete the look. Possibly a mini screen attached.

Vanessa Hurst

Shelby Mannino
"Jack" (Jack and the Beanstalk)
Wearable Art

I am going to buy a white Ipod Case and transfer little black stickers all over the case that spell out Jack. I am also going to have green headphones that will resemble the beanstalk. I am also going to get a white t-shirt with a pocket and iron on Jack above the cut out pocket. I am possibly thinking about transferring nature images to the white shirt but that is still up in the air.

The idea that I am choosing to do for the wearable media project is a tie. I would like to choose 1-5 images and rework them somehow to be integrated with one another. I would also like to add some graphics and design techniques to make this tie really stand out. This may include blood, or bullet holes, or some sort of element in relation to the golden key story. I was also thinking about maybe putting some text on there to briefly tell the story along with the images. I would like to make this tie very dark looking and sinister. This will help bring out the attitude of the story. I will start with a plain looking tie, or maybe a bit of pinstriping to give a texture before applying images and graphics.

Rachel Krambeer

The setting of this story is at the circus, so I will be transferring the images onto a deck of playing cards. Currently I am either thinking of using the cards to create an elaborate head piece/hat or some type of belt by stringing the cards together. The resulting product with be more costume like.

Zac Carlson
Hansel and Gretel

Thanks to the 3 person brainstorming I received some great ideas. What I want to do is take some plain colored canvas shoes, either slip on shoes or low-top tie shoes and develop some imagery from Hansel and Gretel to put on the shoes. I want to do a mixture of paint and digital image transfers. Also, if I could develop some patch-like images and sew them on. One shoe could be designated for Hansel and one could be for Gretel. Also, the shoes represent the foot journey the two went on throughout the fairytale.

I am doing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I want to make a red cloak like article of clothing that is waist length with a white liner so I can iron on pictures or illustrations of the story line on the inside of the cloak in a collage like manner. Or another idea I had was to use fabric paint to paint a wolf on the inside of the liner. I also want to make a or up-cycle a purse or handbag that I can make a viewer window so I can have a slide show of the story going at all times. This would also be red and I was thinking of incorporating the hooded aspect to the purse also. I haven't decided if I want the lining to be in all red and white to stay with the red theme, or to have the images in black and white to have some contrast to catch the viewers eyes that there is more than just the actual clothing item. Also in the liner of the cloak I want to try incorporate typography of some sort or just having some text included.

Marissa Capocasa
Jack and the Beanstalk
Wearable Story

For the the previous assignment, we used typography as our digital images. For my wearable art, I would either like to create a oversized piece of clothing (T-shirt, boxers, pants, a shoe) and cover it in the word "GIANT" with iron on letters. My other Idea is to create beans out of clay and cover them in the word "beans" in sharpie and keep them in a sack or a satchel to make them a wearable item.

Jenna Smuk
The Girl Without Hands

For this project, I was going to attempt to "upcycle" a longer pair of gloves. I want them to be fingerless to symbolize that she had no hands. Incorporating the style of the dress, I will try and make the gloves look corset-like in the sense of being tied together by ribbons and trying to keep the same color palette as the dress as well. I will try to accent with silver. For the image aspect, I was going to have a window for a screen to present the slideshow of the photos. I am still contemplating where that will be exactly, but I want it to be somewhat discreet. So, from a distance you wouldn't really view that there was a digital component to the gloves, but when seeing them close up it would be apparent.

Jessica Zehm

The story I’m doing is Cinderella. I am going to design an apron to relate to the story. The apron I am going to use will be either white or off –white. I might tatter the apron to show it being used and dirty. On the apron I am going to have my images on it by using iron on transfers. I will also have vines framing the pictures in the middle of the apron. I also might have a shoe iron on or other Cinderella iron on’s to show more representation of the Cinderella story. I also might add jewels to reference the glass shoe or in our story we used a diamond ring.

For my tactile project, I am using my story of Cinderella. In a few of my scenes made in the last project, a hand towel was involved as a prop. For this project, i would like to incorporate that hand towel somehow. So, my idea is to hang a hand towel over my shoulder and have it really dirty and all tattered up to give it the effect of it being used. I would then iron on one of my scenes with iron on transfer paper. The scene would possibly be one that has the hand towel being used. I am also considering having my ipod in a pocket somewhere and incorporating another image from my story.

I am thinking about working with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk again.

The idea that i have is to create an entire outfit of knee high socks, shorts, suspenders, t-shirt, and maybe a messenger bag. Each item would have JACK written all over it in the typographic style that we used for our original book. I am also thinking about having a giant beanstalk growing up on all the of items along with having some fake leaves placed on the bag handles and maybe the suspenders. All of the letters and beanstalk images will be ironed on to the clothing.

For the tactile project, I plan on using my Rapunzel story that I already worked on. Since it’s a circus theme, I wanted the clothes to connect to that idea. For my clothing piece then, I want to use colored tights to show the story. I think I will take the first layer of tights and use iron-on transfers for the story images. Then, I would put those all over the first tights and layer another pair of tights over it and rip holes so that the story can show through. I also have these metal facets and rope-like bracelet material that I might want to incorporate.

Paige Rother

The folktale I am using is entitled “Drinking Poison.” I want to make expose the evident differences in status between the poor servant and his employer, the rich homeowner. I want to focus on the rich lifestyle of the rich man by using a wallet as my object.

In order to tie the wallet in with the story, I want to have the images on actual real money. Since money is actually a fabric, I can use vinyl t-shirt material. I have done the vinyl process for a couple of years now, and still have access to the necessary materials. It is a plasticy-stretchy material. You need a special cutting machine that reads vectorized images (.ai) to cut the design into the vinyl. You then heat press it on.

I have decided to incorporate my digital image in a mask. I will put a digital slide show of my short film, “the mystery golden key” inside the mask. The images will be playing in all opening of the mask. I will paint the mask gold, and I will have a model put on the mask. The model will also put on a costume that matches one of the characters in my short film. The mask will help incorporate the idea of mysteriousness of who is behind the mask. The mask will also help in pushing the idea that I translated the story of the golden key into my own interpretation, and these images are coming out of my head.

Aleah Niemczyk
Wearable Art Idea

For this project, I will be working with the idea that Rapunzel has run off to the circus. My wearable art will be a suitcase. I will reference the circus tent using red and white stripes of either material or paper and paste them on the exterior of the suitcase. On the white stripes, I will transfer the images (or parts of the images) of the story. Inside the suitcase, I will have an iPod playing the circus music used in our video. If that doesn't work, music will be playing from a computer for the show. Lastly, I hope to alter a piece of clothing that is yellow, or 'blond' on the top, in reference to Rapunzel's long hair.

Trisha Holmes
Jack - Reknit Tale

With Jack, I really wasn't sure what clothing item to use because the story is more based on objects like seeds, a bag of gold, and a golden hen. After some thought though, I think I'll be going the "Jack's mother" route and find a dress to up-cycle. I want to incorporate a few different items from the fairy tale because one single item doesn't jump out at me. My goal is to find a white or green dress and emulate the beanstalk on the dress. Seeds and gold feathers will find a way to embellish the dress, along with using iron on image transfer so the 10 images will be present around either the waist line or bottom of the dress. I also want to use iron on letters to have "Jack" on the dress like the characters from the images. Lastly, I want to put my iPod in a pocket of the dress to have the movie playing, hopefully in a transparent pocket of some sort. A little ambitious, but I think I can make it happen!

Sierra Kamatchus
Wearable Story

For the previous narrative project, our group presented a modernized version of Cinderella and I would like to continue that idea by sticking with the same high school romance theme. For instance, I will be purchasing an outfit that resembles a high school uniform that will contain of a white blouse, a plaid skirt, and a matching plaid tie if possible. If you recall, one of our movie scenes contained Ella holding her textbooks and I would like to incorporate a textbook into my outfit. Within the textbook, I will be cutting out a section of pages so I am able to put in a digital photo frame that will be playing our final iMovie. The book will be opened, so that the iMovie can be displayed to the public clearly. In addition to the digital aspect, I will be sewing objects onto the school uniform that represent key parts of the story. For example, I would like to sew on the ring that was previously used and possibly some glasses to represent that she is not the most popular girl in school.

Beauty and the Geek
Re-Knit Tales idea

For the previous project our group presented a mini movie of our version on Beauty and the Beast. For the re-knit tales project I have two ideas that I am deciding between.
The first one is a necklace with a keychain that would be playing the slides from our movie. I would either bead the necklace or make it with thread. My second idea is to make a vest out of recycled clothing and print various pictures from our tale on it. The pictures I would choose would probably be the first slide of all the daughters with the money, the one where the geek is stealig Beauty, the one where Beauty is skyping with her father, and the one where Beauty takes off the geeks glasses.

I will most likely go with the necklace idea.

My group worked with the story Snow White. We created a book and slideshow/stop motion film using photographs in black and white, with hints of red and green, representing good vs evil. I have three ideas for the next project, wearable art. My first idea was to stick to Snow White and make a tshirt and do screen printed images on it using only black white red and green, the only colors used in our book and slideshow. Or, use a white bandana and screen print green representational images on the cloth. My second idea was to use the story Little Red Riding Hood. The classic clothing object in the story is the red jacket with the red hood. My idea is to have a white tshirt with screen printed wolf on the front with a sewn on red hood. Im not sure what I am going to do yet. With many ideas comes much experimentation!

Elaine Ronning
12 Dancing Princesses

I want to create 12 images of each princess dancing and transfer that image on to a printable piece of fabric. I'm not sure if I want to use silk or cotton yet. I will make a t-shirt dress or get a second hand dress and sew the images into the dress. The images will be small and spread out over the dress in a random pattern to show the princesses are dancing over the dress. Depending on how much time I have I might add more images from the story.

Rachel Pawlenty
Snow White

To incorporate the Snow White project into wearable things I am going to print an image of Snow White lying on the ground with a ruby red apple in her hand onto a transfer sheet and then iron it across the front of a shirt of some sorts. I am going to place it so that the apple is on top of a pocket with a window in the center. I am then going to put our slideshow from the previous project onto a digital image keychain and put that inside of the pocket so that you can see it playing inside of the apple. I am not sure what type of top I want to use but it will either be black or white, since our previous story was mainly black and white with hints of red and green.

Chelsie Babcock
Beauty And The Geek

The images we shot for our group story Beauty and The Geek were tied together with all the characters in pastel color clothing. The story is about a father who has stolen an Ipod for his daughter from the Geek. The Geek in return for the father stealing the Ipod wants the daughter. The father gets ill and dies, and the Greek and Beauty end up falling in love and live happily ever after. To bring this story together with an article of clothing, I will be making a women's blazer that will have a pastel palette. It will have a clear pocket with the video slide show of the story playing, or able to be playing in the jacket while it is being worn.

My story is Llorona, it is a Spanish tale of a woman where her husband leaves her and their two children, leading her to kill her two children and her self. I am going to turn a sweatshirt into a ipod holder. Aka, I am going to make an ipod pocket on a sweatshirt to play the video. I am also thinking of putting some iron on photos on the sweatshirt in order to connect everything together. I also think that it would be more interesting to the viewer if there was more of the story than just the ipod showing the video.

Beauty and The Geek
Reknit Tales

The story of Beauty and the Geek is a modern day spin off of the classic tale Beauty and The Beast. A large part of the story is the connection between the Beauty and the Geek over an ipod. For wearable art that represents this story I'm considering doing a handbag (for the beauty) or a pair of glasses ( for the geek), possibly both. The handbag would be yellow to carry out the color scheme from the original project, and would have digital images from the previous project transferred on to it. It would also have a transparent pocket for an ipod. The glasses would be blue, the geek's color in the previous story, and have digital images transferred onto the lenses.

ReKnit Tales! >> Snow White

For this assignment I am planning on playing around with augmented reality. I am interested in displaying a combination of a slideshow, as well as a possible 3D model taken from the google sketch-up warehouse. In terms of clothing articles I am open to many different options. Some ideas I have are a bandana, bracelet, or scarf. For now I am just researching how I can my ideas come to life.

Mathew Jacinto

I would like to use the story La Llorona for my project. I was thinking about making or buying an ID bracelet with the images either printed or shown on augmented reality. If I did AR I would like to make a 3d version of the woman. I thought that having the story shown on an ID bracelet would be very interesting since the story is about a woman who is taking children.

My idea for the reknit tales wearable art is to use augmented reality. I am going to base mine on the ragnarok story, or norse myth. I want to be able to put a pattern on a hat so that when you look at your self on a webcam, you are wearing a viking helmet, or possibly some type of armor if i put a the pattern on a shirt.

This is Harvey Halaharvi My Idea for the tactile remix project is in part using augmented reality. I have seen videos and demos of AR technology being used and it interested me. For my story I am thinking about going the rout of a new story possibly the little red riding hood and somehow incorporating the red hoodie into augmented reality. My idea so far has been iron on transfers of markers around the hoodie. I have looked at several different software still researching on what would be easy to use and a good fit. Overall I am on board for the AR Idea and I am exited to try out this technology.

~Harvey Halaharvi

Bri Berini
Gingerbread Man
Wearable Story

I'm going back to my story and doing the Gingerbread Man. I'm not sure if I will be going with the superhero approach like I had for our digitally updated stories or stick with the original version. I will be getting a full kitchen apron and creating images of the gingerbread man and iron transfer them onto the apron. Since cookies are made in the kitchen (duh) I thought it would be fun to have that as the basic theme. The images will all be different sizes and will hopefully cover the majority of the apron.

Alice in Wonderland

My idea for "wearable art" is inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter. The big obnoxious, colorful hat he wears is symbollic of the whole story, illustrating its unusual take on reality and storytelling. Therefore, I am going to find a big hat from a thrift store - maybe something a "Red Hat Lady" would wear to a meeting. I will design images digitally that illustrate the story of Alice in Wonderland abstractly. My idea consists of creating a swirly design while incorporating sillhouettes of rabbits, clocks, and other symbols of importance for the story. If I find a simple black hat, I will make the swirls and images very colorful and vibrant. But if I find a colored hat, I will keep the images subdued and have them all black and white. The swirl pattern will be very busy and a little overwhelming to look at. This will demonstrate the overall feel for the story and take you from reality. After the pattern is designed, I will somehow place it around the whole hat - either iron on, or if that's not possible I will transfer the swirls onto fabric and from there sew the fabric around the hat.

For my re-knit tales textile project I have chosen to do a project using augmented reality. My project will continue with the same story that I used for the re-knit tales project the Norse myth of Ragnarok. My choice of clothing that I am doing for the project is a winter jacket/sweatshirt that has an ipod interface built into the lining, which would consist of a remote in the sleeve, ipod pocket and headphones built into the hood. The AR part of this project will be placed on the back and front of the jacket, and will show a series of images displaying images from the Ragnarok story. Stylistically, the jacket will be in the style of a Heavy Metal Rock Jacket, as when I think of Ragnarok I think of heavy metal (more specifically Viking metal).

Snow White

For my re-knit telling i plan on using the idea of the slideshow keychain and with this im going to create a necklace using a fake apple carving into it a place to insert the key chain and then create a unique strap for the necklace the relates to the version of the story.

For my re-knit wearable project I'm going to use the story Ragnarok. I am planning on using the ten images, we made for the last project, to create an animation. I'm then going to put the animation on an iPod and make a clear pocket on a jean jacket to view through. Also to unit the rest of the vest to the animation, I'm going to take a few action poses from the characters from the story and sew them on, like those punk jackets with random patches sewn on them.

For my project, I am planning on cutting up an old prom dress and modernize it. It is the story of sleeping beauty that I am doing. I plan on either having a pocket to hold an Iphone with a slideshow or do image transfers or even both.

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