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Watch PBS Digital Nation

Summer Blog Assignment:
Please Watch this PBS FRONTLINE show Online
Digital Nation

Watch the entire 90 minute show in segments online.
Make notes and write a short reflection on what you found most interesting or surprising about the show. (about 150 words)
Save your comments and I'll have you post them to the blog in class on Thursday June 20.


After watching the PBS digital nation special I was pretty amazed at the portion with the Asian students going to a “computer rehab”. They all had to admit they had a problem with computer usage and it was negatively affecting their health. I felt like it was a drug rehab show. I suppose it is a similar idea, just strange it was applied to people with a problem of computer usage. This is something we are not accustomed to here in the U.S. Computers are generally viewed as a good thing with positive effects. The school even has posters with sayings and facts listing the dangers of overusing computers/ computer games, which is a currently a large problem for the youth of the area.

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