July 10, 2014

Aaron Koblin on Digital Revolution

Interview with artist, designer and leader of Google's Data Arts Team...

He has worked on digital media experiments like:
Light Echoes
Traces of light are broadcast onto landscapes by a moving laser aboard a train.

The Johnny Cash Project (2010) directed by Chris Milk. Creative Director Aaron Koblin

February 2, 2011


Reading: Digital Art (World of Art, Thames & Hudson)
As you are selecting a digital artist to do a presentation on, please note the chapter + category in the Digital Art book. Choose an artist whose work intrigues you. Make sure you can locate good visual examples of their work on the web. You can also access library periodicals and books to search for more detailed info about their important works. (reviews + articles in art magazines)

Please post your research about the artist to my blog by Friday FEB 11 at 3pm.
POST your research as a comment under THE ENTRY FOR YOUR SECTION. You will show the links to the class + do a brief (but engaging!) presentation about your artist (Mon Feb 14 or Wed Feb 16).

Please post an overview about the work of this artist, including:
2. Your artist's name
3. Background info on the artist + their work
4. Description of their digital art
5. Context + category of their work in the book
6. A specific work you like + why
7. How their work might influence your digital art
3 links to the artist's work on the web (use FULL URL > http...)